Promote White Papers and Blog Posts with Online Press Releases

This blog post initiates a series that will include every aspect of creating a successful optimized online press release. Properly implemented, the optimized online press release can achieve very high ranking in organic search results, often breaking into the top ten in Google Search.

Online PR News – 14-December-2011 – – Rohnert Park, CA December 14, 2011 The new blog post at begins a series on promoting white papers and other content with online press releases. The first post in the series notes that ordinary press releases, restructured to achieve optimum appeal to search engine algorithms now serve a different purpose. An optimized online press release, posted on the correct sites, can often achieve high organic search results, often in the top ten for the target keyword phrases.

The post includes a downloadable list (.pdf) of 39 different reasons to post an optimized online press release. Marketers can reference the list as a prompt to create new content for their optimized online press release. Lee Stein, Stein Writes, Inc. and the blog’s author says, “Getting Found poses the biggest challenge for technology marketing executives. An optimized online press release promoting a white paper offers technology companies one of the most budget conscious ways to deliver new content to prospective users.

An optimized online press release comprises just one of the twelve tactics Stein recommends to his high tech clients so they get found and generate leads. Using these tactics in combination results in an integrated inbound marketing campaign that generates high quality leads. Centered on white papers, example after example proves that a regular series of well-written white papers provides the best marketing content a technology company can create. To learn more about creating an optimized online press release as part of an integrated white paper campaign to generate more leads, contact Lee Stein at Stein Writes, Inc.

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Stein Writes, Inc. creates white papers, ghost-written magazine articles and case studies for client high-tech companies. By applying an integrated budget conscious strategy to promote client white papers and other content in 12+ ways (besides the usual 3), clients experience increased traffic and high quality leads. Stein Writes serves a wide variety of technology clients in many fields including semiconductor processes; IP; components; memory; networking; electronics assembly, manufacturing, and assembly automation; test & measurement; and robotics. Corporate IT topics have included includes network security, help desk, healthcare, financial software, supply chain management, and more.

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