Obesity Can Lead To Blood Clot According To A Website On Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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Online PR News – 14-December-2011 – – There are many reasons why Weight Loss After Pregnancy is important. More popular websites or blogs concentrate on being beautiful on the outside without much of the emphasis given on the overall well being of the mother to be or the new mom. For some, the health benefits were just mentioned in passing or few articles were written to tackle and discuss as such in details.

It is in this purpose why there is ‘Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Burn The Fats To Avoid Blood Clots’. It is intended for pregnant women and new moms who are prone and susceptible to blood clots.

From WebMD, ‘Blood clots are healthy and lifesaving whey they stop bleeding. However, blood clots can also form abnormally, causing a heart attack, stroke, or other serious problem.

Blood clots, though rare, causes concern from the experts as it can be fatal. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic researchers, pregnant women and new moms within three months postpartum are four times more likely to experience blood clots than non-pregnant women.

Based on the result of Mayo Clinic researchers who have reviewed 30 years of medical records of women, blood clots can be attributed to obesity, history of blood clots, and prolonged bed rest during pregnancy.

The information above alone is enough to get women up their feet or at least move them to avoid excessive weight during pregnancy and take off the extra pounds after the baby is born. The site http://WeightLossAfterPregnancyBlog.com/ is rich with information on how to stay away from getting blood clot.

One pointer that the blog leave on its readers is to discuss it first with the doctor if the mother to be or new mother feels that she is at risk. For new moms, doctors recommend to get out of bed as soon as possible to prevent a fatal clot from occurring.

Similarly, ‘Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Burn The Fats To Avoid Blood Clots’ will not be complete without giving its readers and subscribers physical activities that they can do to shake and burn the fats off. The exercises, though simple and gentle helps a lot in helping a blood clot free life for the expectants and new mothers.

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