Explains Online Poker Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators or RNGs are a mystery for many people who play on online casinos and poker rooms. explains the concept behind them.

Online PR News – 15-December-2011 – – Anyone who has ever gambled in his life would understand that the whole charm of gambling lies in the fact that one can never predict what would happen next. This is called randomness.

Randomness not only ensures that the games are fun, it also gives everyone a fair chance of winning. At the same time, it gives the poker room the chance to earn profits for its efforts. In the offline world, it is easy to see how this randomness creeps in the games. When the dealer shuffles the cards or spins the roulette wheel, no one can say what the outcome will be. But how this randomness is ensured when someone plays online poker real money games on a website?, a reputed poker resource on the web explains that this randomness in online games is achieved through a system called a Random Number Generator (often abbreviated as RNG). An RNG is an algorithm that is stored in the software that is used to run casino games. Every time a game is taking place and the dealer software has to come up with a card or a number or any other variable, the RNG system is used to determine the outcome.

For example, when someone opens an account at a poker room to play poker online, and the next card has to be dealt, the RNG algorithm will run and the next card will be determined completely randomly. A spokesperson said that many players are not even sure what randomness really means. He explained that the whole idea of randomness is that the outcome of a particular event is in no way connected to the previous event. In poker/casino terms, it means that just by looking at what cards have been dealt so far, one cannot determine what the next card will be.

This randomness makes it impossible for players to predict what's going to happen next in a real money poker game, and this is where all the fun lies. This also ensures that no matter who the player is and what his skill level is, when it comes to games of pure luck, the player stands a fair chance to win.

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