Dr. Energy Saver Returns to The Hampton Roads Show

Dr. Energy Saver Yorktown returned to The Hampton Roads Show to help Virginia homeowners save money and energy this winter.

Online PR News – 14-December-2011 – – Yorktown, VA - Dr. Energy Saver® Yorktown has recently returned to The Hampton Roads Show to revisit the many energy problems that homes face as temperatures drop in the winter.

Kevin Kramer, a certified building analyst from Dr. Energy Saver Yorktown, was featured as the energy expert on December 8, 2011.

Furnace issues are the most common complaint as the weather gets colder in Virginia. "When bills start coming in this time of the year, your furnace is running and running and running and sometimes it's either not shutting off or it shuts off for a minute and then it starts again right away," said Kramer.

Calling a heating and cooling company is often a customer's first response, but this is not the solution that people need.

Dr. Energy Saver can scientifically determine whether the furnace is the right size for the particular home. From there, they can then conclude if it needs to be replaced with a high-efficiency furnace or if the problem is coming from something else like leaky ducts or insufficient insulation.

"The number one missed problem in a home today is probably leaky ductwork," states Kramer. He adds that Dr. Energy Saver Yorktown is able to diagnose and discover any leaky ductwork and fix the problem in any home to save money and energy.

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