Position2 Releases the First Free Social Media Monitoring Product for Enterprises

Used by hundreds of businesses, Position² Brand Monitor™ expands social media listening and engagement
across marketing, customer service and competitive intelligence.

Online PR News – 14-December-2011 – – Used by hundreds of businesses, Position² Brand Monitor™ expands social media listening and engagement across marketing, customer service and competitive intelligence.

Palo Alto, CA, December 12, 2011: Position², a US based provider of Digital Marketing technology and services, has announced its free version of Position²Brand MonitorTM, the company’s real-time social media listeningand engagement platform. Companies and agencies can sign up athttp://brandmonitor.position2.com. For the first time, companies and agencies will be able to harness the same enterprise-class social media monitoring platform used by hundreds of companies for a new value proposition - free.

“Just as social mediaforever changed the relationship of customers and brands, Position2 Brand Monitor expands how businesses harness the explosion brand conversations across multiple media,” states Rajiv Parikh, CEO of Position2. “Customers and key influencers are talking on Facebook, Twitter, news, forums and blog sites. With Brand Monitor, there’s no need to switch across multiple media tracking and engagement systems. You can get it all in one integrated platform – starting at free and scaling to the enterprise.”

New Capabilities, Multiple Editions, Easier To Use

• Available in 4 editions including a completely free ‘Basic Edition’, Position2 Brand MonitorTMis designed for enterprises and agencies. The Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions of Brand Monitor provide additional search topics, higher data limits, Twitter firehose access, more user accounts, workflow and in-depth reports.

• The free version of Position2 Brand MonitorTMoffers higher data levels than enterprise social media monitoring products that costs over $7,000 per year. The Standard and Professional versions, priced at $49 and $149 per month, compare to competitors that cost in the tens of thousands per year.

• Brand MonitorTMis now super-easy to set up and use, with wizards, hints, live chat support and community help. There's a new product tour that teaches user how to fully leverage the system. Data sources have been strengthened with the Twitter firehose, in addition to thousands of new discussion forums, blogs and news sites. Sentiment analysis and reporting has been revamped to include media analysis, demographics and data segmentation.

Key Features of Brand MonitorTM

With Brand MonitorTM, companies can:
• Monitor social media conversations in real-time
• Track brandsacross social media, blogs, news, discussion forums, video and photo sharing sites
• Engage directly via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Track all engagement in a single system.
• Get daily and weeklyconversation summaries across media channels
• Filter actionable, high priority conversations from the noise
• Identify influencers talking about brands/products/services
• Get detailed analytics and in-depth reports on the entire process

In addition to the platform, Position2 also offers “Actionable Engagement” add-on services packaged with the Brand Monitor™ Enterprise Edition. A team of analystsfilter out actionable mentions from noise and categorize them. Mentions can be forwarded for action or responded to immediately.

"As the largest single price retailer in a hyper competitive market, it is critical for us to understand our customers and competitors," says Curtis Corl, Vice President of Dollar Tree Stores. “With Position2 Brand Monitor, we listen to customer responses to in-store and on-line events, and segment them across key regions and demographics.
We utilize the integrated engagement capabilities to build our social media presence. My team is impressed with Brand Monitor's easy ability to listen to thousands of social media conversations and Position2's highly responsive support team."
Applications of Brand MonitorTM

Position2 customers currently use Brand MonitorTM for marketing, customer service, competition tracking, research and brand reputation management.

For Marketing: Marketers can track conversations about their brands on social media, giving them a good understanding of how the market is reacting to their latest campaigns. Leads can be discovered by identifying intent in social media conversations. Social media conversations with negative sentiment can be easily identified and responded to, dramatically helping with brand reputation management. Most of Position2 customers use Brand MonitorTM for marketing applications.

For Customer Service:Companies can easily track what issues their customers are facing and complaining about on social media, respond to those customers using the built-in engagement tools and gauge their responses to public announcements.

For Competitive Intelligence: Companies can track their competition’s latest activities online easily, measure and analyze reactions to their products and services, and even identify business opportunities that can be tapped into.

Brand MonitorTMEditions - Comparison

To learn more about the differences in Brand Monitor™ Editions, see adetailed comparison of features.
About Position²

Position2 is an Accel-backed company that delivers continuous growth for its customers through high performance search & social media marketing. Position² was founded with a vision to leverage technology to offer search and social media marketing solutions that deliver performance with consistency and predictability.

The team includes over a 100 professionals across functions that include client management, marketing, creative services, technology development, search and social media marketing. Position² also provides expertise in online marketing solutions: SEO, PPC, Media and Advertising.
Position²’s flagship product is Position² Brand Monitor™, a platform that allows users to listen, discover and engage with social media conversations in real time. Brand Monitor™ is available in 4 editions, ranging from a free edition to a customizable Enterprise edition, fromhttp://brandmonitor.position2.com.