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Online PR News – 13-December-2011 – – In most cases, losing weight is all about being beautiful and fit. For new moms, taking the extra pounds off is getting back to their pre pregnancy look. Though being healthy is part of the package, sometimes it’s been overlooked.

With the new baby around and lesser time for themselves, mothers will need a lot of motivation to work on getting back to shape. Moreover, lots of support from the people around them as getting rid of the extra pounds is not the easiest thing to do.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Why We Should Shed The Pounds Off” gives its readers more reason why baby fats should be eliminated and be eliminated for good. If the motivation and the reasons at hand is not enough, this article is for an added boost.

If a new mother plans on having another baby in the future, weight loss should definitely be done. This is the one and the most important reason why extra pounds should be flushed out. This is according to blog.

According to the Physicians at the Harvard School of Public Health that looked at 150,000 women in Sweden, there were noted complications associated with not giving up the pregnancy weight or with the inter pregnancy weight gain.

The study uses body mass index or BMI. The findings suggest that the more units of BMI increase, the more complications.

The complications cited by the blog includes preeclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), diabetes, caesarean section and stillbirth.

The above complications not only put the mother at risk but the baby as well.

This is the reason why there are blogs and sites such as “Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Why We Should Shed The Pounds Off”. It focuses on the need of women to get off the weight they gained during pregnancy for the reason of having a safe pregnancy in the future and an overall better health.

Some of the pointers provided to lose the unwanted weight include breastfeeding, continued exercise, having a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber and avoiding fatty foods and empty calories.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is good because the mother is carrying another life inside. However, retaining the weight gained should not be because it is harmful and gets in the way of achieving the fitness and health that every mother deserves.
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