New Digital Napkin for Restaurant Marketing Enables Mass Broadcast of Social Media “DEALS”

The ScanNap™ “web-enabled” cocktail napkin is a unique offline mobile content delivery system for the mobile web capable of digitally delivering and embedding any social media “DEAL” directly into the mobile handsets of relaxed patrons, for pennies per conversion, with fully measureable results. What’s more, once delivered, the social “DEAL” is easily shared across each patron’s own social network as well as the social networks of their friends and family members. More importantly, the restaurant obtains exponential amounts of completely free advertising generated from these page views - compliments of the major social networks.

Online PR News – 12-December-2011 – – San Jose, CA – has created the first line of printed napkins digitally enabled to deliver effective restaurant promotion ideas across the mobile web to the hand held devices of consumers. New research suggests restaurant operators do well to serve Mobile Offers as part of their restaurant marketing strategies, here is why: there are currently over 330 million registered mobile phone subscribers in the United States alone, combine that number with 800 million active Facebook users with over 350 million of that number accessing Facebook through their mobile devices and it’s clear – the most effective restaurant marketing ideas must include the digital delivery of social media “DEALS” to the mobile web. The ScanNap™ “web-enabled” cocktail napkin from Napkins-Only allows the restaurant to provide an offline digital bridge linking their patron’s physical world to the digital world containing its best restaurant promotion ideas. It allows the restauranteer to effectively broadcast their brand name and social media “DEALS” directly into the mobile hand-sets of their captive customer where it is seamlessly retained and shared exponentially across their entire social network as well as the networks of their friends and family members. ScanNap™ for Restaurant Marketing is targeted, effective, affordable and measurable representing true value to the recipient; having first been recommended to them by known and trusted friends within their own social networks.

In addition, ScanNap™ allows the restaurants social media pages to proactively initiate and receive large numbers of page views using powerful new, geo-location based, customer "CHECK-IN" options currently offered by the major social networks. This process originates offline from the low cost SanNap™ - is directed to the patron’s smart phone - then broadcast directly to the millions of consumers currently using social networks to find the restaurants offering the best "DEALS". It works like this; ScanNap™ subtly encourages customers to use their mobile to "CHECK-IN” to the establishment using any of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and Gowalla in order to obtain the restaurants “DEALS”. ScanNap™ greatly simplifies this process for the customer, not only to share the social “DEAL”, but also to notify their network of friends as to their present location within your establishment along with an in invitation to physically join them there. Meanwhile, the restaurant is receiving vast amounts of completely free advertising within the personal networks of each customer. In this way, the restaurants average bar tab of $12 can quickly increase to $50 as friends join up together and/or share the restaurants “DEALS” across their own networks.


ScanNap™ for Restaurant Marketing is capable of delivering social media “DEALS” or any other form of digital content. For example:
- Calendar of Events Page
- Online Menus
- Click-To-Call Catering Line
- Click-To-Call Reservations Line
- Streaming Online Videos
- Photo Galleries
- Client Testimonials
- Page
- Social Media Links
- Newsletter Invitations
- Blog Subscriptions

Finally, ScanNap™ matrix barcodes are re-programmable which allows the content links to be changed at will which is very effective for testing seasonal restaurant marketing ideas. This also provides the restauranteer an option to sell their digital napkin advertising space out to friends and associates (e.g.: hired local talent, DJ's, bands and musicians) to help them better promote their own products, brands or creative art (e.g.: linking to revenue producing sites like iTunes). The possibilities are endless. We strongly encourage restaurant operators to take advantage of these powerful new restaurant promotion ideas and all of the FREE MOBILE ADVERTISING being offered today by the leading social media networks.

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