Sleeping Bags – the Vango Breakout range of sleeping bags in introduced for 2010

Outdoor World Direct supplies a vast range of tents and camping equipment to the general public throughout the UK camping marketplace. New for 2010, Vango have exclusively designed a range of sleeping bags just for, including three adult sleeping bags and a children’s sleeping bag.

Online PR News – 26-January-2010 – – sleeping bags are an essential component of camping equipment, choosing the correct sleeping bag can be difficult due to the amount of choice and the many differing styles. For the 2010 season, Outdoor World Direct has an exclusive range of sleeping bags that are ideal for many purposes and all fit into the ideal price budget of family campers. This new range of sleeping equipment offers all the comfort and practicality of the Vango range but at a more affordable price to the consumer.

Aptly named, the Breakout Range offers a bag for the whole family's needs with excellent quality for summer trips and festivals and because they are brand new for 2010, the latest Vango quality control goes into every sleeping bag. Each model has been tested to ensure it will be warm enough and have all the features necessary to keep the end user of the sleeping bag cosy and warm. There are five sleeping bags in the range, each of which offers a USP that will be ideal to a wide spectrum of camping activities.

Children’s Sleeping Bag – the Breakout Junior

The Breakout junior is specially designed for children, with a reduced length in the bag to enable a more snug fit and a mummy shape which is tapered at the feet to keep the heat in which is largely warmer than a square fit. It is a colourful ocean blue in colour which will be sure to lighten up the tent! The mummy style of sleeping bag is also far warmer than a standard square sleeping bag due to the fact the bag traps your body heat because of the layout and shape of the bag.

Adult Budget Sleeping Bag

The Vango Breakout 250SQ is a square shaped sleeping bag which provides a lot more room throughout the bag. This is an ideal summer bag due to its thickness, thin enough to stop you overheating and thick enough to keep you warm on a chilly night with its single offset layer construction and Polair fabrics which are ubiquitous throughout the Breakout series. It packs down into a small size so it is easy to carry and stow away in your rucksack. This bag is of good quality for ÂŁ14.99, yet not breaking the bank. Better than any type of quality of sleeping bag purchased from a supermarket chain for lower price, a competitive range of sleeping bags catered for the lower end of the market.

3 Season Square Sleeping Bag

The Vango Breakout 300SQ is another square sleeping bag giving extra room to the end user but this sleeping bag has a deeper fibre fill so giving a little extra warmth for perhaps a cooler spring or autumn night (double offset layer protection). Again, the Polair fabrics and double offset layer construction traps in body heat for fantastic warmth. The 300SQ comes in black/charcoal colour for guys and a vibrant hot pink for girls, colours unique to Vango in particular their fandango range in tents and sleeping bags. This is a bag that will last for years because of its versatility for year round use (except very cold winter conditions!).

Finally, there is the Breakout double, saving the best till last. This sleeping bag is a typical double but has the additional bonus that the double can be converted into two singles at ease. This makes the sleeping bag highly versatile and means that two people can have a sleeping bag each for the price of the double which is ÂŁ29.99. Excellent value for money for those who have spent all their money on festival tickets and refreshments! It comes in an aquamarine colour with black sides, a modern design for 2010.

Features of Vango sleeping bags

Polair Fabrics – these are soft and comfortable fabrics that will ensure the end user of the sleeping bag remains warm and comfortable throughout the night.
Single Layer Offset - One layer of insulation in the sleeping bag, this layer traps body heat and uses it to heat the sleeping bag.
Double Layer Offset – The same system as the single layer, however the double layer uses two layers of insulation to create added warmth and stop cold air entering the sleeping bag through the seams.
Locking Zips – locking zips stop the sleeping bag opening in the middle of the night if the sleeper is restless.

Vango sleeping bags have become very prominent in the outdoor industry, the eye catching designs, attention to detail and quality have all paid off for Vango with their sleeping bag sales hitting all time highs. Come see our exclusive range of Vango sleeping bags at

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