– Join Celebration of Vietnamese New Year in Ho Chi Minh City until February 2012

Tet Nguyen Dan is the very best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. This Vietnamese New Year festival is the biggest event by far in the country’s calendar and one of the world’s most spectacular and exciting festivals.

Online PR News – 12-December-2011 – – Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City Centre will be at the hub of the action and many of them put on special festivities for their guests.

Often known simply as Tet, the festival celebrates the start of the Lunar New Year. This is a time of celebration for family and friends, starting the New Year with a fresh outlook and a clean slate; houses are cleaned, debts are repaid, grudges are forgiven and left behind. The celebrations go on across the whole country and although, officially, Tet Nguyen Dan lasts for three days, in reality festivities go on for more than a week; there are parades with dragons, dancers, drummers and fireworks, together with special foods, floral displays and fruits. It is a particularly important time for family and most Vietnamese travel back to their homes, which will have been richly decorated to celebrate with their relatives, both living and dead. In fact the spirits of the dead also receive an invitation to the party.

Celebration dates vary from year to year, depending on the Lunar Calendar, but usually the festival occurs in late January or early February. In 2012, New Year will be celebrated between 1st and 4th January.

Families celebrate at home with a vast feast of traditional foods, such as banh chung, a sticky rice square cake stuffed with pork and beans, xoi goc, orange sticky rice cakes and mang, a soup of fried pork and boiled bamboo shoots. Once the feast is over, the family visit local pagodas en masse.

The festivities spill into the streets with every business hanging red banners reading ‘Chuc Mung Nam Moi’ (Happy New Year) and every street decorated with strings of coloured lights. Stalls selling traditional new year goods, such as fresh fruit and flowers, mut (candied fruits and jams) and pink flowering peach trees, which people use to decorate their homes and are a symbol of spring and the new year.

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