Advance to the Top Explains Why Investing In Internet Marketing Is a Smart Business Decision

With the invention of the internet, traditional marketing mediums have seen rapid declines in usage for finding products and services. Newspaper subscriptions are at an all-time low, radio and TV commercials are obsolete due to satellite radio and DVR’s.

Online PR News – 12-December-2011 – – Consumers receive their news right to their laptops and smart phones making newspapers a thing of the past. Why would a consumer sit through commercials while watching their favorite TV shows? They don’t have to anymore since the invention of the DVR and Satellite radio allows the listener to listen to uninterrupted music all day long. So is it really profitable to utilize these forms of marketing anymore? Is there a return on investment for businesses to advertise within these mediums? The returns businesses are seeing are minimal, and are difficult to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The future is here, and the businesses that adapt to the changing times are the ones that are seeing growth. These smart business people realize that the internet is the most effective and targeted marketing tool ever in the history of man. “Users simply type in what they are searching for, and are brought right to what they need or want, “said Daniel Patterson, President of Advance to the Top, Inc. “This form of highly targeted Internet Marketing is what drives business, generates leads and sales, and allows for businesses to grow at an astronomical rate,” said Daniel Patterson.

“A company’s website is essentially a piece of digital real estate that, just like commercial real estate, requires upgrades and maintenance, said Daniel Patterson. A successful internet marketing campaign will set any business apart from the competition and bring the return on investment in about 6 months’ time. “The internet never closes, it never takes a break. It is just like having a constant sales force that is always in front of potential customers when they are needed to be, said Daniel Patterson.

There are several intricate components that make up a successful internet marketing campaign. Search Engine Optimization requires a long term investment into your website, generally takes about 6 months to see any form of ROI from this strategy, but will yield revenue for years to come. Pay per Click yields results almost immediately and can be a useful tool to generate leads. Social media, with the fastest growing online population, can be effective with the right strategy. This form of exposure is almost as good as word of mouth advertising. Daniel Patterson offered a piece of advice for any business deciding on an Internet Marketing Company. "The first step is to find an internet marketing company that meets your budget and will invest the time to properly plan and organize your marketing efforts for maximum ROI".

Advance to the Top is an internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media management. Advance to the Top also has the ability to design, develop and host websites, as well as develop Drupal content management systems, create logos and other graphic design services.

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