Kindle Fire Review Reveals Good, BAD and the UGLY of the Amazon Tablet and Compares to Apple iPad

Does the Kindle FIRE live up to the HYPE? This Amazon Kindle Fire Review discusses its Pluses and Minuses as well as hardware and content specs. Also included is a Kindle vs iPad comparison chart.

Online PR News – 11-December-2011 – – “The question is not if the Amazon Kindle Fire is the ideal tablet or not, but if the Kindle Fire meets YOUR expectations as a tablet or not” says Amanda, the creator of the popular and controversial Kindle Fire Review - The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY.

A balanced review of the Kindle Fire should address its hardware specs as well as the content ecosystem that feeds it. This is where the review, "Kindle Fire - The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY", at is different from most other one-dimensional reviews. High-end hardware specs are useless without the right content to complement it. A 60 inch Wi Fi ready LED 3D HDTV with perfect picture quality is of no value if you can’t get good movies/TV shows on it. Similarly, a multimedia tablet computer with high-end tech specs is of limited use if it doesn’t have easy access to good content.

Kindle Fire - The Good the Bad and the UGLY

Kindle Fire, the Good - As far as hardware specs go, some (but definitely not all) features are in par with those of the Apple iPad (e.g. dual core processor, RAM, screen resolution etc.), according to this Kindle Fire vs iPad comparison chart that compares and contrasts the tech specs between the two.

The multi-touch screen of the Kindle Fire is sufficiently sensitive and responsive as demonstrated on this Kindle Fire Review Video made using a free drawing application. Amazon’s massive content ecosystem of 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books and thousands of Kindle Fire apps make the Kindle Fire a better value proposition than many Android-based tablets in the market. The ability to add content from third party vendors and sideload apps from the Google Android Marketplace broadens the range even further.

Too many Kindle Fire apps! How do I know which apps are the BEST?

This list of the Best Kindle Fire Apps will help you get an idea about the kind of apps available for the Amazon Kindle Fire. You can easily get lost among the tens of thousands of apps out there.

Kindle Fire, the Bad and the Ugly - There’s no doubt that the Kindle Fire falls short of the high end $500 plus tablets with regards to certain hardware specs. 3G connectivity, GPS, gyroscope, camera, larger storage capacity, quad core processor and 4GB of RAM would have all been really nice, but including those would have also made the Kindle Fire unaffordable to most of us.

The “Kindle Fire – The Good, Bad and the Ugly” review at addresses these apparent deficiencies of the Kindle Fire in great detail and shows how they will affect you depending on your personal needs. The review uses multiple videos covering different features of the Amazon Kindle Fire. They also list and review the best Kindle Fire apps as well as Kindle Fire cases, skins and screen protectors. provides reviews and comparisons on the leading ebook readers such as the Amazon Kindle Touch, Nook Touch, Kobo Touch and Sony Reader as well as multi-media tablet computers such as the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and Apple iPad.

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