Now wear that Kolaveri Di on a T-shirt!

1.2 million hits in 6 days on Youtube and we all knew what was on everyone's mind. "Why this Kolaveri Di?" Keeping up the momentum of this youthful frenzy, Teesort has now introduced "Kolaveri D" t-shirt.

Online PR News – 12-December-2011 – – Some are called masterpieces just because they are not made or processed, they become one! This viral has already gone ahead of its time and has taken the nation by storm because this song carries the passion that is imbibed in all of us. Every Indian is humming the lines and it struck the chord with everyone because music sees no boundaries. In just few days this song has become the anthem for all the youths of India. This one song has kept our emotions and the spirit of India intact.

In times when our country is engulfed in serious issues of corruption, scams and violence, this t-shirt personifies every Indian's mind and soul that wants to call a spade a spade, that knows it's rights and is becoming conscience of the actions taken by it's chosen representative. No wonder "kolaveri Di" has become a youth anthem across all borders, crossing all language barriers.

So the creative team thought it would be a good idea to wear that rage, to don that attitude and once again, to showcase that our future lies in our youth! The rustic and un-tailored lyrics, the catchy background score and not to be missed accent has been transformed into a garment that speaks of passion and rage.What a perfect way to adorn Kolaveri spirit in the form of a tshirt! Just like their passion for music, teenagers and young Indians are now on their way to speak their mind. In the time of internet censorship discussions that are doing the rounds, feel free to check out the latest designs that this largest online store is offering. Browse through Teesort’s new product line and carry this spirit wherever you go.


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