Courier Tracking Software Ver. 2.0 Launched By Eagle Technosys

Courier tracking software version 2.0 is beautiful and advance tracking software for transporation compnies. Which are launched on last Monday by Eagle Techonsys. Let give the freedom to users or clients to track their parsals online with its current status.

Online PR News – 12-December-2011 – – Now a days’ technology getting higher and higher and in transportation and industries like courier and cargo technologies changed every movements and in this new era a courier or cargo company must adopt new technology to survive. A customer always looking for current status of his parsal and by the old way we can’t give him current view of his parsal but now in the advance era we can do anything and in this way Eagle Technosys comes up with new idea.

On this Monday Eagle Technosys held a press conference and announce the launching of their advance and new Courier Tracking Software Version 2.0. In the press conference Eagle technosys marketing manager Mr. Aarav Khatri gave the overview about this Courier Tracking Software Version 2.0.

By this software a courier company can give the freedom to their users or clients to track their parsals online with its current status. No problems where you are just open the internet and search your parsal number and know your parsal current status.
Some of the classic features of this Courier Tracking Software are below:

• Track Shipment
• Detailed Status
• Print your track details
• Add bulk parsals
• Delivery reports
• Add your branches
• Configured with big boys like DHL, AFL, Skynet, Aramex, AFl and more..

Who can use:
• Courier Company
• Cargo Company
• Any Logistics
• Shipping Company
• Freight Company

Smart way of work:
• Less staff / phone lines required to process orders
• Information is validated and corrected upon submission by the internal system and external link to the US Post Office database. This reduces mistakes and call-backs from improperly addressed packages
• Printed information reduces common mistakes and call-backs because of unreadable hand-writing
• Orders collected become a database making past orders easy to looked up
• The system can be accessed from anywhere. This frees office-bound individuals while allowing you to make sure everything is running smoothly

About Eagle Technosys
Eagle Technosys is the India base web development company. Which are providing their services like website development, website designing and internet marketing. The company is one of the fastest growing it companies of India and now it cams with this new and unique product for courier companies and transportation industry.
Gets the complete view about this new era software with live demo on Eagle Technosys Official Software website

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