Google Caffeine Has Been Udating For Weeks!

Studies show the Google Caffeine algorithm update has been taking place for several weeks and the proof is on the monitor.

Online PR News – 26-January-2010 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax has been closely monitoring the implementation of the Google Caffeine update. And based on research, it's obvious that many of Google's 'under the hood' Caffeine changes have already taken place. They just require a closer inspection of what's going on 'outside the hood'.

Among the notable Google Caffeine 'outside the hood' changes are:

Changes in Search Engine Results pages. (SERP's)-

Such as faster searches (milliseconds matter) and an emphasis on updated content. Many Google users have also been reporting SERP's that fluctuate often. These fluctuations were not as common before Caffeine. And it's believed they result from Caffeine's emphasis on creating a better user search experience by filtering content.

Sightings of the 'Real Time' search feature:

'Real Time' search is impossible not to notice. The live Twitter feeds look like an online scrolling electronic billboard. The intriguing part is that they don't stay up very long. It's been speculated that this is Google’s attempt to diminish 'Auto Tweet Graffiti' until the 'under the hood' implementation is refined. Google is always refining their algorithm. It's what makes Google the forward looking company they are.

Reviewing what Matt Cutts himself stated in his Caffeine test is closed blog:

'Caffeine will go live at one data center so that we can continue to collect data and improve the technology, but I don't expect Caffeine to go live at additional data centers until after the holidays are over.'

There's two important points in that quote. The first is that Google is all about improving search technology. That will never stop. The second is more obvious. The Holidays are over and Caffeine is slowly but surely being launched.

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