Brad Lamm, Nationally Recognized Interventionist, Launches A New Website

Brad Lamm, Nationally Recognized Interventionist, Launches A New Website

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – New York – Brad Lamm, a nationally recognized Board Registered Interventionist has launched a new website designed for family members and friends to help the ones they love. His organization, Intervention Specialists, is well known for helping people overcome the challenge of all types of addiction, including substance abuse, alcohol and even those with eating disorders.
Brad Lamm specifically helps people with Family Interventions, Early Interventions, Crisis Interventions, Behavioral Interventions, Obesity Interventions, Drug Interventions and Addiction Intervention.
Brad Lamm believes that an intervention is a reliable method for taking the first steps towards recovery. His proven intervention by invitation, not only helps a loved one avoid a further path of destruction, but also restores balance and harmony to the lives of the family members. Brad believes harnessing the combined positive energy of family and friends plays a critical role in the successful outcome of his interventions.
Brad also works as a consultant to Dr. Oz. and Oprah. Dr. Oz, has said, “Brad Lamm’s step-by-step Intervention Program empowers families and friends to change their loved ones through compassionate, caring and continuing support."
Brad has written several books on interventions and helping people help the ones they love. Through the website, Brad uses personalized video to teach visitors about the various aspects of an Intervention, when an Intervention is needed, and the various misconceptions about the Intervention process. As a former addict himself, Brad’s knowledge and experience clearly show his passion for helping friends and family take the first steps in helping the one they love get on the path to recovery.