Se7ven Group Reaches Settlement with Keep-a-Breast; Pleased with Outcome

Se7ven Group, a Colorado marketing company and formerly based out of San Francisco, reached a settlement on October 13th, with the California-based Keep-a-Breast Foundation regarding the production and distribution of “I Love Boobies” merchandise and accessories.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – Denver, CO – Denver, Colorado, Friday, December 9, 2011-In March 2011, Keep-a-Breast brought suit in the Federal Court of Southern California alleging the merchandise produced by Se7ven Group was infringing on their popular slogan. Se7ven Group vehemently denied the allegations. KAB was unable to immediately prove their allegations and when their request for application of Injunctive Relief was denied by the court and the two parties then met in San Diego and were able to resolve the case before going to trial.

A settlement of $250,000 was reached, and it was agreed that a portion of the funds would be contributed to the Young Survival Coalition in New York. The remaining funds to Keep-a-Breast are intended to be used to further fund breast cancer research, according to a release issued by KAB founder Shaney Jo Darden. Se7ven Group owner
Adam Shryock said, “We agreed to settle this case prior to trial because we felt the money that would have been spent to litigate could better be used for a cause both
parties believe in. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and sincerely hope that the
remaining $225,000 will be used appropriately.”

Se7ven Group, known primarily for producing mobile billboard campaigns, recently founded BOOBIES ROCK! FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS to further their advocacy for a cure for breast cancer
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