Drummers Can See The Top 10 Grooves And Fills According To Chris Atchley At Play Drums By Ear

Drum blog has released a new post featuring Chris Atchley’s top 10 drum grooves and fills. Drummers will be able to see and hear the drummers that have impacted Atchley as a drummer.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – Chris Atchley of Play Drums By Ear has released his top 10 picks for drum grooves and fills in the music industry. Atchley has over twenty years of experience on the drums and has narrowed his inspirations down to his top ten. Atchley has also written blurbs that explain what is special about each one of his picks and how they have impacted his own drumming style. Atchley hopes that drummers will gain insight from his top picks and share their own with other blog readers around the world. Readers can find Atchley’s top 10 drum grooves at http://playdrumsbyear.net/drummers-who-matter/top-ten-grooves-and-fills-according-to-chris/.

“In today’s post,” Atchley says, “I put together my top ten picks for drum grooves and/or fills.”

According to Atchley, “You’ll probably recognize most of the list, but there’s a chance that you may not.”

“I attached videos for each song so you can see it and hear it in action too,” says Atchley. “These are the ten drum grooves that have stood out to me over the years.”

Atchley offers a variety of articles and drum lessons on his website at http://playdrumsbyear.net/. Visit now for access to a long list of videos and lessons. Atchley’s recent post about drummer Jeff Queen can be found at www.onlineprnews.com/news/189454-1323204437-drummers-can-learn-rudiment-training-with-drummer-jeff-queen-now-at-play-drums-by-ear.html/.

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Chris Atchley has played drums for a variety of successful bands that have toured all around the world. Atchley has also taught drums for over fifteen years to students of all ages and skill level. His new instructional DVD course is now accessible and is guaranteed to help drummers worldwide.

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