New Website Reviews Wireless Bridges
12/10/2011 is a new website that aims to provide helpful information to consumers on wireless bridge devices. Anyone trying to improve their wireless network in their home or office should find the information on this site helpful.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – is a new website that aims to provide helpful information to consumers on wireless bridge devices. It features articles of a general nature, like what qualities to keep in mind when shopping for a wireless bridge. It also regularly reviews current devices by various manufacturers.

The goal of is to make it simpler for the average consumer to find the wireless bridge they need. It can sometimes be difficult to pick the best device for the given requirements - it's common enough for people to pay more than necessary because of extra features they didn’t need. It’s also possible to get the wrong type of device altogether if one isn’t sure what exactly they need in the first place. It is hoped that this website aids in educating the consumer on the various features and available options by presenting the facts as clearly as possible. has plenty of reviews of products currently available on the market. It also features some articles on relevant technical details. It is intended for the site to grow with user input, with some articles being written upon suggestions in comments or email.

At the moment only one suggested retailer is offered – however, more retailers will be featured in the near future, with price comparisons and other information also made available.

Visitors interested in either personal or business wireless bridge solutions will find the website relevant to their needs.

Wireless bridges are devices which are used to wirelessly link up two separate networks, thus allowing for shared resources and internet access between them. They're used to connect together two physically separated networks when running a cable between them is inconvenient. In a typical setup two wireless bridge devices are used: one connected to each wired network and configured to create a bridge between itself and the other. A device that only functions as a bridge is somewhere rare though some good ones do exist; in most cases one finds devices that have many possible modes, one of which is bridge mode.