HuLeTS- LetsGoOut Launched

HuLeTS (Human Leap Through Software) launches LetsGoOut – Its first Social Networking Application now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 'Networking just got Natural'

Online PR News – 09-December-2011 – – , LetsGoOut is your must buy app for social networking, and the concept uses your iOS device to find new friends, who are there in your vicinity. All features come without any additional costs. It uses device Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect you to surrounding people.

The app stands out in comparison with a lot of different applications available on app store. Apart from efficient multi-task support, it comes with an opportunity to diminish distances, and communicate with them in the most natural manner. The application targets one of the most important aspects of human existence, which is, socializing, communicating and talking to people.

If you’re alone, in need of finding some company, or like to hang-out with new people any time, then this app should be on your first downloading priority.

App Features
• Natural Communication: LetsGoOut brings you a communication revolution. By connecting to people who are somewhere around you, who have somewhat similar interests as yours. This fast and active solution helps you to meet new people, and share your experience.
• Efficient Multi-Task Support: Provides you with an opportunity to keep the application active while doing some other work simultaneously.
• No Registration Required: Be who you want to be, when you want to be.
• Chat Notifications: Notifies you whenever you receive a message from someone nearby, it also maintain your complete chat history.
• Network Visibility: Be ready to socialize wherever you go; the app provides you the unique compatibility of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
• Diminishing Distances: The app connects you to people who are around you, and can be found within your reach. The app actually diminishes distances physically, no more virtual communication!

App Requirements
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later

About Company
Human Leap Through Software (HuLeTS), a German based multi-national software house, is starting out with iOS applications and has launched 2 apps LetsGoOut and LetsSaveMoney. Their entry in Apple industry is very strong, due to their unique product ideas, and innovative ways of interacting with the user. The Aim of HuLeTS is to deliver the best software products which enable humans to promote their lives and leap to a better future.