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Online PR News – 05-June-2009 – – June 2009 - Pamela Love, an Australian national who is not only an accomplished teacher but also a published writer that has experienced a great deal of success with her books, has now decided to add new information to My Dream Love Match, a website on which web surfers interested in love horoscopes and zodiac love match readings will be able to find a lot of useful information.

Through years and years of experience with zodiac love match readings, Ms. Pamela is able to reveal even your most hidden feelings and desires by studying your zodiac love match reading. By taking into consideration all the factors such as birth date, birth place, and the position of relevant planets, such as the Sun and Moon, during the person’s birth and present moment, Ms. Pamela will give you an accurate reading of your love horoscopes and even your own personalized zodiac love match.

Experienced professional astronomers see a person’s birth time as a frozen moment in time that is easy to be read, and that reading can reveal truthful and useful insights of a person’s future and zodiac love match possibilities.

Pamela Love, being an accomplished psychic/astrologer runs her own business in Australia, and has been a guest on various radio shows in Sydney and Perth and numerous country radio stations across Australia.

Apart from the professional advice, on you will also be able to find Pamela’s latest e-book “Zodiac Love Match” in which Pamela explores each sign of the zodiac and its attributes in order to help you understand all the complexities of finding the right zodiac love match for you.

Ms. Pamela’s e-book is truly essential for those trying to find their perfect zodiac love match, for those trying to find more information on various signs of the Zodiac, and generally people who want to start a great relationship with a little heads up in regards to their significant other.

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