Former Members of Creedence Again Form New CCR Tribute Band, Creedence Revived

CCR Tribute Band, Creedence Revived announces new management, a new member, new website and a new name.

Online PR News – 08-December-2011 – – Former members of the CCR tribute band, Creedence Again joined forces last month to move forward as a new band called Creedence Revived. The new band, under new management and featuring a brand new guitar player, Bill Bakopoulos, is now preparing to start touring.

Under their new management, Creedence Revived is looking forward to seeing a very large increase in tour dates. “We’re already filling up our Calender with potential dates,” says front-man Rich Perez, “and with the new line up and management, this project is taking off faster than we had ever anticipated.”

The members of the new group include Rich Perez as lead vocalist, Graham Czach on Bass, Tony Montana on the drums and Bill Bakopoulos on lead guitar. “Having come from a Creedence tribute band already,” explains Perez, “Tony, Graham and I already meshed very well together. When we introduced Bill into the band, the sound that we thought we had perfected just exploded. He adds that bit of something that keeps the music a tribute in authenticity, but a style that makes it unique to only us.”

The band’s new management is now under Nick Vitogiannes of Loud LLC, a nationwide entertainment company based out of Chicago, IL. When asked about the future of the new band, Vitogiannes stated, “You’re going to see a lot of Creedence Revived a lot more often, simply having a high demand singer in Rich Perez has already got our phones ringing. On top of that, after hearing the band play together, I’m confident that they’re going to create a ripple effect from stage to stage nationwide and become a very hot commodity very quickly. Expect to see their calendar filling up in January 2012.”

About The Band: Creedence Revived is a group of professional musicians set out to keep CCR hit songs alive by paying tribute to them on the stage. The band believes that anyone can play dress up, but few can perform the real material and so while they might not be look-a-likes like some other tribute bands, listeners often forget that they're listening to a CCR Tribute band and not the real CCR. Along with their new management and member, Creedence Revived has also just launched their new website and facebook page which can be found online at: and

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