Energy efficient lighting to enhance cost savings

Well designed intelligent lighting system can save your organisation up to 70 – 80% and enhance the human health of building occupants, reports Envido.

Online PR News – 25-January-2010 – – Improving the energy efficiency of buildings has received much attention throughout the Copenhagen talks, and in the media coverage surrounding it. With new legislation and building regulation in place, there is an increasing emphasis on energy efficient products and solutions, including lighting efficiency.

With lighting retrofits being channelled into compact fluorescent lamps and new lighting systems considering the use of expensive but efficient LED fixtures, lighting efficiency is definitely on the radar screen. Specially, considering that general lighting systems account for up to 20% of a building’s total electricity consumption.

However, increasing imbalance is looming between our eagerness for energy efficiency and our nonchalance for inclusion of human factors and the impact that our energy efficiency measures will have on human health.

The daylight cycling is reflected in the way human body functions, with sleep and wake cycles, and with modulation of brain activity. It is a simple inference that to emulate the daylight characteristics with electrical lighting systems will be healthy for people, while to use static lighting for people will be unhealthy.

The new LED technology is a promising vehicle to achieve lighting that is energy efficient and healthier. Energy efficiency should not only take into account carbon emission but also consider the benefits to human potential and human health.

Intelligent low energy lighting systems permit a balance with natural daylight and reduce your carbon footprint

When we are centred on human factors, we think at new levels and have a creative approach for energy saving; we have a truly balanced approach to energy efficiency. Intelligent low energy lighting systems permit a balance with natural daylight, recognise occupancy levels and achieve consistent ambient light levels, as required throughout buildings.

As a consequence of moving to well designed intelligent lighting systems, organisations are seeing up to 70 – 80% cost savings over conventional lighting products. Improving the lighting efficiency in your organization can serve also to enhance the comfort and well-being of building occupants, reduce your carbon footprint and help you work towards carbon reduction targets and regulations such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Envido can improve the energy efficiency of your lighting system cost-effectively. We offer tailor-made lighting control solutions for all types of industrial, commercial and office buildings to maximise energy efficiency and comfort of occupants.

Envido, a leading UK provider of energy and carbon management services, helps customers optimize their business operations to improve their energy performance and reduce costs and carbon. Envido’s ‘Opportunity-Technology-Change’ solution enables organisations to more effectively measure and control their energy consumption and carbon emissions, delivering better business results.

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