Get it Now: Hurry, Key West Gulf Wrecks are Covered in Cobia and Permit!

Wintertime fishing in Key West is very hot right now, with Cobia and Permit swarming wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Online PR News – 25-January-2010 – – The news in Key West Fishing this week is good: Gulf wrecks are covered with fish, swarming with Cobia and Permit, to be exact. But hurry, what's true this week can change in an instant. That's what Key West fishing guides know from exerience, especially this month with the wahoo. While wahoo have been running thick in the reef areas offshore, and it's been fantastic fishing day after day, Key West guides know it can end any time now that February is around the corner. Anglers intent on catching wahoo can still target these huge fish into March, but the bite is best in December and January.

"It's a lot of fun for the visiting angler to target what's running hot at the moment", says Captain Barry Garcia, who runs a sport fisher out of Key West. "It's been such a great year for Key West Offshore Fishing for wahoo, and we don't want it to end. We're still going out on wahoo trips, but we've got an eye on those Gulf wrecks, too. Key West wreck fishing is hot, and the cobia and permit are covering the wrecks right now, like bees on a honeycomb." Captain Garcia's boat makes two Key West fishing trips per day, sometimes to the reef and beyond when wahoo reports are good, and sometimes to the Gulf side, directly to one of many wrecks that are so good at attracting sport fish.

The Gulf of Mexico is home to thousands of wrecks, and fish flock to these underwater structures as they pass through the area when migrating from cold to warm water or vice versa. Since there isn't a lot of natural large underwater structure in the Gulf, no large reef systems like there are on the Atlantic side, any wreck is going to be a fish magnet. When seasons change, or water temperatures change, fish move to follow the water they're most comfortable in. That often means they go up into the Gulf. They get tired or hungry and if they see a wreck, they stop and have some food.

That's why Key West fishing experts keep an eye on the Gulf wrecks. At any time, there can suddendly be so many cobia you'll catch your limit in one afternoon. And right now, the big news is, cobia and permit. Lots of anglers like to eat cobai, since it's a firm white meat. Permit are really sport fish in the Florida Keys, not eating fish.

Anglers who come to the Southermost City just for some Key West fishing will be glad to know that in addition to the wahoo running on and near the reef right now, the cobia and permit action is very hot, too. Serious anglers who time their winter vacations around salt water sport fishing may want to start looking for flights to Key West real soon.

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