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Online PR News – 08-December-2011 – – New moms are always looking for realistic, faster and better ways of shedding off the extra pounds they gained after pregnancy. And so doing it in 3 weeks may sound a little crazy for most but some may take it seriously.

Take the case of Bethenny Frankel, star of Real Housewives of New York. According to an article from http://weightlossafterpregnancyblog.com, “Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of New York has quickly dropped 29 of her 35 pounds of baby weight… in 3 weeks after giving birth to daughter Bryn!” This rapid weight loss cause stir and sparked debate on the weight loss method or methods she used and some even said that it may be unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

Though her weight loss is attributed to yoga, regular walks and dieting, for some losing 29 pounds in 3 weeks seem to be unrealistic and putting someone’s health in danger— this is the opinion of the professionals and experts on weight loss. Other than that, it was questioned that perhaps there were secrets that Bethenny does not want people to know on how she’d shed off the pounds so fast.

Losing weight after pregnancy is a tough thing to do, even tougher and unrealistic if to do it in 3 weeks and if a person have just given birth! So the thing with Bethenny and 3 weeks of losing that much pounds is still questionable. But for a person who’s got a vision, formula on exercise, diet, determination and patience is the key to faster weight loss.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Is Possible In 3 Weeks!” is all about that. It touches topics on faster and effective weight loss the realistic and healthy way. It gives readers vast and comfortable options on losing the baby pounds without risking the mothers’ health or the babies’.

Some of the helpful tips from the blog say: “Breastfeeding stimulates uterine contractions and the uterus will shrink back to its pre-baby size much faster, which helps with that extra tummy bulge.”

Simply, what it says above only wants to tell that breastfeeding is one perfect way of losing the extra pounds the natural way and with no effort. It shares to its audience that not only breastfeeding is best for babies, it is also best for mommies.
Another pointer that the blog revealed is for mommies to get enough sleep. This is one activity that new moms take for granted and use having babies as an excuse to stay up late.

Though getting proper and enough sleep with the baby around is far possible, now that new moms realize the value of sleep in weight loss, there will always be ways to get the sleep they need not only to boost their energy but in keeping the extra pounds away.

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