Deodorant Will Prevent Sweating For 5 Days Without Reapplying: Now Available In The United States

Klima Deodorant, once only available by prescription in Europe, is now available in the United States without a prescription. The deodorant has been proven to consistently prevent sweating for up 5 days without reapplying.

Online PR News – 30-December-2008 – – MIDDLETON, WI - Klima Deodorant, once only available by prescription in the Netherlands, is now available for purchase in the United States via the internet.

For 50% of users, Klima deodorant will prevent sweating for 5 straight days without reapplying – even lasting through showers. This 'super antiperspirant' is formulated using higher quality ingredients and a higher concentration of active ingredients than other prescription-strength mass-marketed antiperspirant available in America.

Klima Deodorants have been rigorously tested for skin tolerance by dermatologists to ensure the safety of the product for over the counter sales. Klima is made without pesticides, without genetically engineered plants, and includes no dangerous additives. The formulation and processing of Klima follows European safety standards, which are generally more stringent than standards in the United States.

“99% of our customers say they’d purchase Klima again or recommend us to a friend – for many, Klima has changed their lives. We’re so confident that Klima is the best deodorant, that we offer a ‘no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee’ because we know our customers will love our products,” said Guy Kitchell, founder of Klima (

Body odor occurs when the natural bacteria on our skin are allowed to fester in a moist and warm condition. Therefore, the drier the skin is, the fresher it smells. Klima’s antiperspirant formula is designed to prevent wetness on the skin.

In addition to deodorant, Klima also offers a line of antiperspirant hand and foot sprays. The hand spray is designed for once-a-day application and lasts throughout regular hand washing. The foot spray can last through three showers, though it is safe to apply every day.

“Excessive sweating is a terrible embarrassment for so many people. Our antiperspirants don’t just prevent sweating, they help people to reclaim their confidence and interact with others at work and in social settings without worry,”says Kitchell.

Klima is only available to the US market via the internet at

About Klima: Klima ( is a European based producer of powerful antiperspirants for underarms, hands, and feet, and is designed to prevent sweating for those who suffer from severe wetness and odor. Once available by prescription in the Netherlands, Klima is now available to the US market through the internet. 99% of customers believe Klima to be the best antiperspirant they have ever used and would either purchase again, or recommend Klima to a friend.

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