To Ensure Safety Operations, Nelbud Is Now ISO 9001 Certified

Nelbud has always been committed to delivering safe and secure maintenance services to the Food Industry. Now, the company furthers its public safety responsibilities by getting an ISO 9001 certification.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – Egg Harbor City, NJ, 08 December 2011 : For the past 3 decades, Nelbud is the industry leader among cleaning and maintenance services of food businesses. The company has always stressed on maintaining the highest quality service standards, to ensure the safety of its clients. In a new attempt to further its cause of ensuring safety within the commercial cooking operations, Nelbud has secured an ISO 9001:2008 certification. It now provides a tangible proof of its dedication as well as certification to deliver safe maintenance solutions, instead of just spoken assurances provided by other service providers.

A senior executive of the company elaborated, “When it comes to your peace of mind, you should accept no less than formal certification that the processes and procedures employed in the provision of these safety services have withstood the test of independent, third party verification. That is why Nelbud subscribes to the most rigorous of Quality Standards, ISO 9001:2008.”

As a cleaning and maintenance service Nelbud will maintain such high standards of equipment and procedures during all its services. In other words when the company undertakes- grease exhaust system cleaning, pollution control system services, pre-engineered hood wash system, maintenance inspection filter sales and service, parts, detergents & odor control, grease trap pumping or sewer line jetting & video- strictest safety measures will be ensured. This certification not only makes Nelbud the clear and right choice for the food industry, but also establishes the company as a bench mark. Matching the ISO standards has made Nelbud the service provider against which others are measured.

The company has always striven to introduce further improvements in their services and maintaining client relationships. A senior executive of the company further explained, “By adhering to the most highly recognized measure of industrial quality, internationally, Nelbud is your greatest means of assurance that the methods employed in achieving overall system safety, through mitigation, comply with all pertinent standards prescribed by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and, are the most effective.”

ISO certification ensures that when Nelbud's team of highly skilled workers will undertake grease trap maintenance or other services, they will do it the best way possible. Nelbud hopes that more food industry operators will hire them now for high quality and security kitchen cleaning and maintenance.

About Nelbud:

Nelbud has been recognized as the leader in the food service maintenance industry for 30 years now. The hood cleaners and other workers of the company are trained to follow the strictest security procedures when cleaning the hood or the grease exhaust or the restaurant/eatery.

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