ProofHub Rolls Out Attractive New Look

ProofHub launches its new look. New look of proofhub is very sleek and attractive. With new look ProofHub become more professional, fast and user friendly.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – Mostly ProofHub comes up with announcements regarding its technical features only. But this time ProofHub comes up with its new design, which make it more appealing, user friendly and effective. ProofHub team is very excited to announce its new look. New look of ProofHub gives fresh and attractive interface to its clients. ProofHub has completely changed its design and these changes are visible on both layout and functionality. We will discuss these changes as below:

The new look of ProofHub provides sleek and attractive login page. Over all layout of this application has been changed. ProofHub team make profile pictures and contacts more large and attractive, so that you can easily differentiate between admin and normal users. Another change has been done with fonts size and high resolution icons. They have modified all the icons and fonts to make it more user friendly and eye catching. With the new look of ProofHub you can more easily read and understand the written stuff in the app due to increased and improved spacing between the elements.

New design of the ProofHub provides more visibility, smarter navigation, better look and feel, sleek, attractive, more user friendly and more professional experience. This makes communication more simple and effective. Its new design, color combination looks more professional and attractive. This will also improve the speed of ProofHub which will help customers to make their choice and perform various operations quickly. Now it will take very less time to upload, share, proof, file download etc. Along with all these features, now ProofHub also supports 12 new file formats. Now you can upload and preview your desired file format with in the browser. Before this update ProofHub had supported only 3 versions of file formats I.e DOC, PPT & PDF. Now you can also directly upload PSD and ZIP .

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ProofHub is a web based application that helps in the management and collaboration of projects. It allows you to access from any location and can handle file sharing, design proofing, instant messaging, time tracking and more. You can now easily manage, schedule, communicate and discuss with your team in an easy and effective way.

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