New Website For Visitors In Makati City Makes Finding Makati Hotels Easier
12/10/2011 virtual platform offers value and benefits to both foreign guests and locals.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – Makati City, Philippines – A new website for visitors and tourists in Makati city makes it easier to choose the right Makati Hotels. is a hotel listing site developed for use by potential visitors and vacationers. Site webmaster and developer Jesse Veluz said he launched the website, “in response to a growing number of people searching for `Makati hotels` online."
Veluz`s commitment to total transparency and business integrity is reflected by the inclusion of candid commentary of actual Makati hotel guests in his site. According to Veluz, “Unedited reviews by real people let prospective visitors glean realistic overviews of what to expect during a stay at a specific Makati hotels.” The reviews posted on the website have been provided by real customers who have experienced the services provided by the hotel that they are commenting on.
All hotel listings are categorized by available amenities. This allows site viewers to evaluate accommodations by airport shuttle service availability; wheelchair accessibility; relative pet friendliness; and, an overall quality rating of 3-, 4-, or 5-stars.
Guests with special needs or those planning extended stays may also search for Makati hotels which feature in-room kitchen facilities, parking service,and on-site beauty salons or spa facilities. Future guests can view the potential lodging facilities in advance to see if the rooms offer enough space. They can determine if the environment is right for their needs and if details meet their expectations. Business travelers and organizations can view conference facilities to determine if the rooms meet their needs in space and seating.
The website virtual platform also contains a comprehensive, interactive aerial-style map. This integrated utility helps site viewers glean a bird`s eye view of specific accommodations` and relative geographical situations.
All featured Makati hotels are prominently represented by a corresponding colorful map marker. Clicking any marker creates an instant display of travel directions and details of a facility`s exact physical proximity to local tourist attractions and other local amenities.
The website is also social media amenable. Twitter and Facebook embedded links and icons let site visitors tell all their friends and acquaintances about the ease with which they can arrange Makati City travel. represents the culmination of a 14-month collaborative effort by Veluz and his dedicated team of web design and IT experts. This dedicated group has spared no expense or cut any corners to help bring the world of Makati hotels directly to eager, inquiring travelers.
Further details and more information about the best Makati hotels is freely available and easily accessible at