Killer Guides Makes an Unofficial SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide Available for Pre-Order

Close to the launch date for Biowares new mmo, Killer Guides is in preparations for a new guide specliazing in the Bounty Hunter. Featured in the article are reveailing details about the guide.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – After years of development, BioWare and LucasArts has finally announced to release their latest project, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) on December 20th 2011. The game looks to implement story in ways never before seen on the MMO genre. The game will have two factions – the Old Republic and the Sith Empire. Players will get the chance to become either heroes or villains as the story will unfold based on their moral decisions. With 8 different character class to choose from, you as a player will have the freedom to create your own storyline.

Corresponding to its release, Killer Guides will publish 8 character guidebooks which would give an in-depth look into the character of your choosing. As a SWTOR Bounty Hunter, Killer Guides’ Bounty Hunter Guide will deliver the necessary information you need to survive and become the ultimate hunter. Not only that, it will show you the shortcuts of finishing your quests quicker while getting the most ranking points out of it. The manual will be your reference point for choosing weapons, armors and gears for specific quests. It will save you valuable minutes of confusion as you fumble around trying to match the perfect rifle for a mission.

As you earn ranking points, you will be given the chance to choose between two specialized advanced classes. Killer Guides’ Bounty Hunter Guide contains a detailed look into the machinations and inner strengths of each advanced class that would suit your fighting style. The SWTOR Powertech and the SWTOR Mercenary are equipped with the most advanced technological armor and both wield specially-designed flamethrowers and blasters. Also, you won’t be left behind during player versus player situation as the manual will show you the best and efficient way of getting rid of your rivals.

With all 8 different character classes, Killer Guides’ handbooks will be providing each class a detailed instruction on the best way to boost up your character. They are all available online to pre-order. The SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide, a mini bundle that consist of 2 advanced class manuals: the SWTOR Powertech Guide ( ) and the SWTOR Mercenary Guide ( ) will be released as part of the full SWTOR Guides Bundle as well. The manuals will be released with a free guide update option. Owners of the guides could simply log in to the member area and download the latest versions there. The manuals are also available at partnering outlets such as the SWTOR Powertech Guide ( ) which is available at