IT RealityString LLC Launches Anti-Cyberterrorism Campaign

IT RealityString LLC adds services and offers training to counter cyberterrorism and help secure the cyber infrastructure.

Online PR News – 25-January-2010 – – As more small businesses find themselves vulnerable to hackers, IT RealityString LLC is offering a systematic analysis of how to stop the bad guys from breaking into a corporate network.

A Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying technical weaknesses in computers, networks, wireless networks and other devices. A Penetration Test, also known as ethical hacking, is a method of attempting to compromise systems as a potential hacker to determine exactly how vulnerable the systems really are.

When the Assessments have been completed, our detailed and accurate reporting process will provide the information you require to protect and secure your corporate information systems. Working together, we can fight cyberterrorism and secure our cyber infrastructure.

IT RealityString is also planning to conduct monthly workshops beginning spring 2010, covering various areas of IT Security and Computer Forensics. Primarily catering to the business sector but open to the general public, the series of monthly training sessions aims to provide an in-depth knowledge of security.

The workshops are scheduled to begin in March and will be conducted monthly throughout 2010, covering various topics related to IT Security such as PC Security, Network Security, Network Forensics, Computer Forensics, Malware, Viruses and Ethical Hacking.

Originally established in 1991, IT RealityString LLC is a computer forensic solutions provider holding industry recognized certifications and provides business security services, including Risk Assessment, Security Analysis and SCADA Security Architecture. Located in Eldora, Iowa and La Crosse, Wisconsin, IT RealityString LLC provides technical services worldwide.