Eurobridge Offers New Service for Clients

Business development consulting firm expands upon service of partnering franchisors, particularly from the US, with local European developers.

Online PR News – 07-December-2011 – – New York, NY – Eurobridge, Inc. is offering a new opportunity for clients interested in establishing franchises in Europe. The company, which provides business strategic planning and development consulting to foreign businesses, can now help franchises find business partners as they expand into European markets.

We can help them find partners through our broad network of franchise developers real estate agencies shopping mall developers and other business contacts.

"It is difficult for franchise companies that are not established abroad to find partners as they expand and grow, because the market is highly fragmented," said Daniel Biene, president and CEO of Eurobridge, Inc. "We can help them find partners through our broad network of franchise developers, real estate agencies, shopping mall developers and other business contacts."

Eurobridge now offers the services of selecting potential partners, performing due diligence and developing a plan to approach local developers for upcoming projects. Once the master franchisor determines a partner, the two businesses can work together to establish the brand in selected markets with appropriate development and oversight of the location.

"European franchisors generally operate through localized network connections and tend to refrain from actively searching themselves," said Biene. "Therefore, through our networking experience and market research capabilities, we connect foreign franchise businesses to qualified franchisors which are generally hard to find without on-the-ground information."

About Eurobridge, Inc.: Eurobridge, Inc. ( helps foreign companies consider the possibilities of expanding their business endeavors into European markets. It has offices in 14 cities worldwide, with a focus in Europe. Eurobridge takes an entrepreneurial, hands-on approach to helping clients assess expansion opportunities and penetrate European markets for consumer goods and services. The firm manages the entire internationalization process on behalf of its clients. Acting as an international business development department, Eurobridge offers a highly flexible and customizable suite of services.

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