Hashmi Herbal Group announces launch of new corporate identity

Hashmi Herbal Group today announced the launch of its new corporate identity. The Group’s flagship Company, Hashmi International, a pharmaceutical major, marks its twentieth year of operations this year.

Online PR News – 09-December-2011 – – The objective of this exercise is to craft a value-driven identity that unifies the diverse Companies within the Hashmi Group. An analysis carried out within the Group over the past two years has revealed an affinity with three values that the Group has now adopted: knowledge * action * care.

The Group’s values are rooted in tradition. They have been derived from three guiding principles. Like the principle of knowledge and learning, the principle of dynamic action and entrepreneurial spirit and the principle of care, compassion and devotion to a higher purpose.

The Group’s chosen logo is the home, an aesthetic posture practiced in meditation and dance over the past 80 years. The logo symbolizes the mind, the body and the intellect, mirroring the Group’s core values: knowledge * action * care. Harmonizing with each other, they aspire to form a circle of perfection, peace and happiness.

The Group has aligned itself to a worldview and an operational model, which demand that in every interaction, each member of the Hashmi community lives the Group values, thus empowering others by the care they provide. The launch of the new corporate identity comes at a time when the Group is preparing to announce a series of exciting business initiatives.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Dr. Hashmi, CEO, Hashmi Group, said, “We in Hashmi Group have adopted the ancient, universal symbol of medication as our new logo. It epitomizes the core values of the Group – knowledge, action and care. It is said to focus the mind, body and heart to give the light of knowledge, encourage dynamic action and deep compassion, bringing health, prosperity and peace to all.

In India, Hashmi Herbal established itself as an important supplier of herbal medicine for more than 10 years. Hashmi Herbal recent efforts in diabetes medicine development, which is likely to play an important role to cure diabetes.

Spanning a broad spectrum of industries and formats, Hashmi Group is committed to achieving excellence and leadership by adhering to ethically sound, innovative and value-driven practices in its diverse, yet focused, business ventures and initiatives.