Apps First Releases Learning Apps "Speak & Learn Chinese"
12/09/2011 releases new "Speak & Learn Chinese" language tutor app for apple iphone, ipad and Google android devices.

Online PR News – 09-December-2011 – – "Speak & Learn Chinese", teaches Chinese to mobile users with apps for Apple and Google phones, tablets, and other devices. As the millennium draws on and globalization presses forward, human society continues to grow and connect in different ways, despite the vast physical distances that separate us from one another. Technology now allows for rapid communication face to face with the adoption of the iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The barrier that forestalls this communication is language. For business travelers and people on vacation, it is a luxury to see, speak and recognize the key words to make the travel a friendly experience.
"Speak & Learn Chinese" uses a combination of pictures, spoken words, text and gaming elements to create a fun but simple user experience. This tutorial game, offered in Mandarin Chinese, is meant to build and develop foreign language vocabulary for non-native speakers. A key feature of the tutorial is the "speak and learn" design, which gives users the opportunity to hear the vocabulary pronounced in its native tongue. This allows users to repeat the words, thus enhancing their memory capability and word retention. The student learns on their terms, and the app is designed for quick play with travelers and vacationers. COO Ken neth Auyeung said, "Simplicity is the key for the students to learn and have interest in learning, but we designed Speak & Learn Chinese to be fun and challenging as a game."
Developers at Ingenious Technology expressed their belief that the anticipated popularity for the app will lead to additional tutorials in other languages, including Spanish, English, and Italian. Additionally, the company intends on releasing more advanced lessons that will build on rudimentary vocabulary and grow to more complex sentence structure.
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