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Running a profitable small business means you need to be savvy about spending and saving so that your business not only survives during economic ups and downs, it thrives.

Online PR News – 09-December-2011 – – Running a profitable small business means you need to be savvy about spending and saving so that your business not only survives during economic ups and downs, it thrives. Saving money in your personal life can give you the extra time to get your business off the ground and turn a profit. By organizing your business and personal finances, you can take the pressure off and put yourself in the best position to make big money in your small business. For example, below is one top small business financial tip that can save thousands of dollars and more each year shared by Joe Gelb, CPA and financial expert, author of the new eBook, “57 Easy Ways to Save $10,000 or More This Year.”
Eliminate Waste

Many entrepreneurs get tunnel-vision and focus on generating and closing business. While this makes total sense, taking 10 or 15 minutes regularly can help you free up cash.

Over time, needs change, your business evolves and employees come and go. What may have been a useful report six months back may go unread today. When you save a few dollars here and there, you can accumulate $1000s of dollars, relatively easily. We've done it. You can too.

Consider these relatively straightforward yet powerful tips:

—Review Your Bills Regularly. Several prime examples include your wireless telephone bill, internet hosting service, cable TV, transportation, meal policies, travel and entertainment. Over time, your usage patterns and needs are likely to change. Therefore your bill may be out of sync with your current needs. It is likely that you've outgrown or surpassed the services that made sense before. Review your bills and make changes to help you save money. If you don't have time, assign this task to an administrative assistant or your controller/bookkeeper.

—Borrow Smartly and Pay Down Debt

Borrowing money can help you get ahead. The three best forms of debt are student loans to advance your career, home mortgages and business loans. The concept is "good debt" helps you get ahead, make more money and build wealth. Generally, consumer debt is a waste.

For a moment, consider the fact that the interest rate you pay on a loan always exceeds the interest rate the bank pays you on a savings account. Often 5% more.For example, a bank may issue a Certificate of Deposit (CD) and pay a 1% interest rate. At the same time, they may charge 5 or 6% on a home mortgage. To reduce your interest costs, pay your monthly loan payment as early as possible and divide your payment into two or four weekly payments. When you borrow smartly, you can reduce your business' borrowing costs and increase your profits.

Blog with More Free Tips

The new eBook, “57 Easy Ways You Can Save $10,000 or More This Year,” presents a clear-cut action plan that puts $10,000 or more in people’s pockets this year and for years to come. Joe Gelb shares over 57 practical tips, tactics and ideas to make sure even the average “Joe” can get ahead, save more money and build more wealth. The tips are organized into 21 major categories including how to save money every day, home mortgage, insurance, saving money on your car, going to work and on entertainment.

Gelb also shares his decades of financial experience and expertise to help others achieve their own financial goals and gain freedom and peace of mind. He’s been featured in the, "Bottom Line Personal” newsletter.

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