Lab88 Presents Irexis, a Male Enhancement Supplement

“Irexis Offers High Quality Male Enhancement,” by Lab88

Online PR News – 06-December-2011 – New York, NY – Lab88 is proud to present Irexis, a male enhancement pill that will significantly help men in the battle against sexual issues. This non-prescription alternative for Viagra has been proven to help men combat reduced libido and desire, and other symptoms of male sexual issues.

About 20-30 million American men are affected by sexual problems each year, according to Dr. Dennis Lee and Dr. Siamak T. Nabili, two experts in the field. Irexis offers an effortless solution to this common problem. Irexis is manufactured with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which helps assure a quality product through a variety of top-of-the-line practices.

The ingredients in Irexis come from a carefully blended mix of herbs and other vital ingredients that help to aid in stimulating sexual response. These ingredients include Catuaba Bark Extract, which is often used in combination with Muira Puama, and Tribulus Terrestris, a well-known, natural testosterone enhancer, which is shown in studies to increase testosterone levels which can influence the sex drive. Irexis also contains zinc, pumpkin seed, and ginseng, all of which help to enhance male function.

Male sexual issues may be a problem that affects millions of American men. But the makers of Irexis put their full confidence in their product, which offers a painless solution to a common problem, satisfaction guranteed.

A single bottle retails for $59.99. Find out more information about Irexis visit their website or call toll free to 1-888-566-5642.


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