Elisabetta Reist Publishes New Book 'Kiss Anxiety Goodbye'

'Kiss Anxiety Goodbye’ teaches readers how to overcome anxiety. It includes 21 chapters about how to live a better and more joyful life. The book is co-authored by 20 other authors whereas Reist's leading chapter explains how to overcome crippling anxiety.

Online PR News – 07-December-2011 – – LUGANO, SWITZERLAND – New Book Teaches Readers How to ‘Kiss Anxiety Goodbye’
Anyone who has ever wanted to face anxiety head on and come out the winner can count on having some help thanks to Elisabetta Reist’s recent release. “Kiss Anxiety Goodbye” shows readers how to take on this often crippling condition with unprecedented success.

With 21 chapters chockfull of ways to overcome anxiety, this book is designed for those who are serious about turning their lives around, said Reist. The book contains proven ways to overcome anxiety and lead a happy life. It also provides a wealth of other information that can help readers gain the control they’ve desired, but felt was just out of reach, she added.

“Life is about joy, gratitude, love and forgiveness,” Reist said. “When anxiety gets in the way, however, people often can’t see past it. My book teaches them how to do so while enabling them to focus on what really matters.”

Reist is an accomplished author and businesswoman who strives to help others through her books and her coaching business. Through “Kiss Anxiety Goodbye,” she’s hoping to reach an even broader audience than ever before with proven methods for success.
“Good self-help authors want to help their readers reach their goals for success in any aspect of life,” Reist said. “Be it financial security; mental, physical and spiritual health; or building strong relationships, the goal is to help readers achieve these critical traits of success. The truth is successful people have all three. My book is designed to help people overcome anxiety so they can build all three while creating a stronger, happier and healthier life for themselves.”

“Kiss Anxiety Goodbye” expounds on Reist’s previous ebook release “Anxiety Goodbye” and provides readers with more tools they can use to tackle the obstacles that stand in the way of feeling true joy and gratitude. The new release is available on the Internet at www.FastPencil.com, www.Amazon.com, www.BarnesandNoble.com and at any bookstore.

About Elisabetta Reist
Reist owns a translation agency in Switzerland that has been in business for more than 40 years. She’s also run a language school for more than 34 years. About 16 years ago, she developed a passion for helping people overcome anxiety and its impacts on their lives. As her interest in providing people the tools they need to succeed grew, so did Reist’s business. She launched Information for Education to facilitate this passion nearly 20 years ago.

In addition to being a renowned author, Reist also provides one-on-one coaching sessions to people all over the world via email, Skype and in her office. She is a certified EFT, EmoTrance, SpringForestQiGong, Remap and Age Gate Therapy instructor. Fluent in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish, she is also to assist clients in the language they are most comfortable with. She also provides classes in Law of Attraction, EFT, SpringForestQIGong at her offices in Switzerland or abroad, by invitation.

To learn more about Reist or overcoming anxiety, get a copy of her book online or in a ny bookstore. More information about finding joy, love, gratitude and forgiveness in life can also be found on her website at www.stopanxietyquick.com.

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