Play To Donate Makes Philanthropy Exciting

Play To Donate has launched a website that offers hundreds of free games and a chance for players to make free donations. This online games website is also encouraging philanthropic organizations to sign up for its ad impression program where funds for ad views are deposited directly into the organization’s accounts.

Online PR News – 07-December-2011 – – December 6, 2011: There is good news at last, for people who want to make a difference but do not have the time and funds. Play To Donate enables aspiring philanthropists to push their favorite cause the fun, exciting way. All they need to do is, visit the Play To Donate website ( and play their favorite games online.

In addition to the satisfaction of helping charities rehabilitate stray and injured animals, fund orphanages, and help children in need, Play To Donate offers users many other benefits.

These benefits include free registration, over 1500 free games, and a free profile to help with online social networking. Gamers get to interact with other members, discuss the latest game strategies, and fund their favorite charity. Games fall within categories such as puzzle, shooting, racing, strategy, sports, and many others.

Play To Donate utilizes the concept of paid ad impressions to help charities make money. Ad impressions are the sum of the number of times a single advertisement is displayed when a visitor opens a webpage. The payout is decided on the basis of every 1,000 impressions, and is known as cost per thousand or CPM.

What happens once a visitor loads a web page with an advertisement on it and thus creates a single ad impression? If the site is Play To Donate, the money goes directly into the account of the charity and not that of the Play To Donate site. This is the crucial difference between how Play To Donate and other play-for-charity sites operate. The advertisement is placed on behalf of the philanthropic organization and not Play To Donate. Therefore, page impressions are tracked directly to the account of the recipient and not the go-between, in this case, the game site.

Charities may also have other ways of raising funds, such as direct donations through PayPal. They may use one or both these methods for collecting donations.

How does a website manage to sustain itself while offering free donations to other organizations? This game site shows the way. It features advertisements, separate from the impression ads that fund the running and maintenance of this site.

About Play To Donate Play To Donate enables visitors to raise funds toward various charitable causes through the simple act of playing free games on the site. The revenue generated through ad impressions goes directly into the accounts of philanthropic organizations. The advertisements are sponsored through Chitika, Commission Junction, AdBrite, Context Web, and many other affiliate programs. The games featured here are innovative, interactive, and offer a great pastime.