New Website Launched to Promote Window Insulation as Complete as Refrigerator Door Seals

Mayeco Magnetite Windows are distributing and installing magnetic window insulation units that saves more than 25% on energy bills by using patented refrigerator door type technology invented by an energy physicist in conjunction with M.I.T.

Online PR News – 25-January-2010 – – New website launched to promote window insulation as complete as refrigerator door seals. Call (800) 627-8061 to speak with the Houston Magnetite representatives at Mayeco Magnetite Windows.

A technology that is very similar to the technology used on jet airplanes and refrigerator doors is distributed and installed around the Houston, Texas area by Mayeco Magnetite Windows.

This technology is less expensive than window replacements, while simultaneously more effective than any glass windows for preventing escape of inside air and eliminating sound and outside air and pollutants ability to leak inside.

The importance of energy savings for economic reasons and preservation of the environment through reduction of energy consumption creates an increased need for this patented Magnetite window insulation technology.

Reaching out to the Houston consumer public, both residential and commercial, Mayeco has developed a new business website to make this essential information readily available to the Houston, Texas public and to increase nationwide exposure.

There are many pages of information available on the new website at that describe this energy saving technology and its many benefits.

The level of thermal efficiency and the many details involved in achieving this high level of energy savings are explained thoroughly in the new website.

By contacting Mayeco via telephone or through the online form specific questions will be speedily answered by the Mayeco Magnetite Window professionals, equipped and experienced to meet any large or small energy saving project for businesses and homes around the Houston and even Louisiana areas.