Creative Writing Course by Brenda Mallon - Dreams, Symbols and Your Story

Brenda Mallon is a highly qualified psychotherapist and counsellor. She is offering creative writing training workshops in June and July in South Manchester.

Online PR News – 05-June-2009 – – Though not all of us are born writers, most of us can be trained to become good writers and that is what Brenda Mallon's creative writing courses are all about. Unleashing your imagination. Brenda is a psychotherapist and counsellor, a creative writing tutor, workshop leader and an author. Brenda Mallon is offering creative writing workshops in South Manchester. Anyone can join this creative writing training workshop; it benefits beginners and seasoned writers alike. This creative writing workshop is designed to explore the hidden voices within us using dreams, memories, mystic symbols, myths and wild imagination. This workshop will help writers access imagination, which is essential to be a creative writer.

Even seasoned writers at times run short of ideas or feel burnt out not getting that spark to proceed further. New writers will often have to struggle to start their projects. This workshop by Brenda Mallon is intended to help both beginners and seasoned writers to tap into their own inner resources using dreams and mystic symbols. Not everyone puts dreams to complete use. Brenda Mallon’s workshop on creative writing will help writers see how they can best make use of their dreams in writing.

This is an ideal opportunity for people who wanted to explore their own inner self and to reach out their own inner talents and writing skills. This workshop is designed to make each one of us a great writer.

This workshop will be held on two days to accommodate the demand. The dates of the workshop are as follows: 20th June 2009 and 18th July 2009. This is a full day workshop and will be conducted between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. The price is £65 per person. On both days, the workshop will be held in South Manchester. Those who would like to make a booking can either contact Brenda Mallon’s official website or email directly to As the seats are limited those who are interested in this workshop are recommended to make their booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

June / July Creative Writing Course Dreams, Symbols and Your Story A One Day Creative Writing Course with author and dream therapist Brenda Mallon For absolute beginners or more seasoned writers, the course will explore how we can give hidden voices their opportunity to stir up our waking creativity. Using dreams, memories, mystic symbols, myths and wild imagination, writers will explore how to make the invisible, visible on the page. Brenda Mallon, course leader, is the author of sixteen books including, A Year of Creativity, The Dream Bible and The Mystic Symbols. She is an experienced creative writing tutor and internationally recognized dream therapist. Her recent Channel 4, TV series ‘Dream On’ included interviews with Brian Keenan, Toyah Wilcox, Gail Porter and Robin Gibb who all spoke of the importance of dreams in their lives.

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