Brain Cancer Treatment
04/28/2009 is one of the web site which you can get detailed information about one of the most dangerous cancer sort.

Online PR News – 28-April-2009 – – The Types of The Brain Tumors

The aim of this site, to attract the attention to positive science complementary cure and to help its improvement. We struggled too much for some years before the foundation of this site. We told about it both visual and written press. We came together with too many medicine people from Ankara and İstanbul. We formed projects and files for the private medicine centres which of them are among the grand universities. We fighted for the building of the medicine centres that can implement this kind of cures by paying attention to the serious disease map of our country. Our fighting still goes on. There is no example of Alternative Medicine Cure Centres in our country.

These tumors are usually malignant and grow in the tissue of the brain. The indications are common. These tumors show some indications related to the location of the tumor. Epilepsy can be occurred as the first indication.
Metastatic tumors are the ones that form after the spreading of the tumors from the other parts of the body to brain. These tumors show some indications by increasing the pressure of the inside of the brain and forming a default of a nerve system related to the location. This kind of spreadings are the first indications of tumors. These tumors form wide edemas that can be viewed radiologically.

Tumor goes on growing irregularly and the growing of the tumor press over the brain that has no chance of growing. As it is seen in the picture, brain loose its normal shape and it can not function. To realize it, you can look at the normal brain tomography. The Brain Tumors locate symmetrical in both of the brain lobs. The brain tumors separate with the regular frontiers in both of the brain lobes. This formation that enters into the normal system, will break the symmetric system and pres on the brain. The indications are:

1. Headache
2. Vomiting ( in the form of bursting)
3. Fainting attacks like epilepsy
4. The indication of paralysis in some parts of the body in the following terms ( according to the location of tumor in the brain )
5. Deformation of character, deformations of the abilities ( like accounting and writing).
It is possible to separate the brain tumors in to two groups.
When these indications are shown, it is suspected that the the pressure of the inside of the brain increase. For the certain diagnose, brain tomography and MR is needed to monitorize the inside of the head and brain.

1. Non-cancerous (benign) tumors: These brain tumors grow slowly. Even these brain tumors leave the brain tissue easily and all of the brain tumors or nearly of them can be taken out. So the results after the operation are really positive. But when the tumor locates in the touchy place, what a pity that the results are not good.

2. Cancerous (malignant) tumors: they grow fast. These brain tumors are in the form of mud. So that these brain tumors can not be taken out as a whole. They go on growing after operation and pres on the brain. It is also possible to differentiate the malignant tumors according to the procreation speed. There also some cancers that gives the chance of 5-6 years life span, but even there are some malignant tumors that results in death in 5-6 months after operation.

The cure of the brain tumors are surgical. Even it is benign or malignant, all of the tumors can be cured surgically. But in some conditions it is not possible to implement surgical operations. When the tumor is located in the risky area where it is not possible to touch , it can be leaved there for the reason of life risk. Under these conditions, the radiotherapy and chemotherapy are implemented.

Some tumors that forms in the other parts of the body can be spread out the brain. That is called as metastasis. Especially lung cancers spread out the brain and they are malignant tumors. Even the surgical operations are implemented, the results are not positive. When there are some spreadings more than one, also the surgical operation is not implemented. Sick one expose to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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