The American Apparel Diet Grows Beyond the United States

Women from around the country and the world band together to abstain from shopping for one year.

Online PR News – 22-January-2010 – – Seattle—Last September a small group of women from Seattle embarked upon a social experiment called The Great American Apparel Diet—collectively abstaining from buying apparel for one year and blogging about it. It didn’t take long before women from all over the country and spanning a wide range of demographics began jumping on board. In December the diet had over 50 members from 17 different sates and now as of January 22, it has 85 members and pulls from 19 states and four countries including Serbia and Denmark. The deadline to join ends on January 31st and Bjornsen, the founder hopes to reach 100 dieters by then.

“It’s no secret that in these hard economic times people have been creative about how to approach their ‘post bull market’ lives,” says Bjornsen. “I think TGAAD taps into the collective consciousness around implementing a more thoughtful approach to spending. Obviously we have hit a nerve with the idea that is not just relevant to Americans. TGAAD gives women from around the world a safe and thought provoking place to try and curb their consumerism.”

The group of dieters that make up TGAAD spans a broad demographic and includes women aged 18 to 65. The bloggers share a community that is filled with humor, wit and sound advice. Weekly polls on the blog ask questions such as “If you could shop anywhere today where would it be.” Or “If you could buy one item of apparel this afternoon what would it be.” Members share their thoughts on books, social movements, culture and their struggles with keeping their money in their wallets.

The diet officially began on September 1st, 2009 but participants have been jumping on board throughout the past two months. Bjornsen says enrollment closes on Jan. 31, 2009. “Bottom line, no matter when you join the diet ends on August 31st, 2010.”