UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology for Enlightened Living

Originator of UnTherapy available to provide free classes and presentations in Southern California, the Bay area, and the Pacific Northest

Online PR News – 22-January-2010 – – Honolulu Stress Counselor & Originator of UnTherapy Provides Free Practical Coping Skills to the Pacific Coast

HONOLULU - “More and more people are looking for practical coping skills to deal with their anxieties. Fear, anger, stress, and even job apathy result in compulsions like overeating, drinking, isolating, overspending, staying too busy, and even “vegging out” too much,” says Sunny Massad, President and Founder of the Hawaii Wellness Institute, a nonprofit educational organization.

Dr. Sunny Massad, author of UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology for Enlightened Living, works with ordinary people with ordinary problems but wrote this book to speak to the hearts and souls of everyone who find themselves teetering on the brink of burnout.

Massad is “determined to bring practical coping skills into the hands of L.A.’s people.” “So many people need to learn how to move beyond blame and shame, but traditional counselors are not trained to handle the issues of a healthy clientele and their techniques can actually be detrimental to a person’s growth.”

Sunny Massad has her Ph.D. in psychology. She will embark on a book tour that will start in Honolulu and the Hawaiian islands in January followed by the Pacific Northwest, the San Francisco Bay Area and then Southern California in February.

“This is not your ordinary book tour,” promises Massad. “The book readings will include a free workshop & demonstration of UnTherapy with real issues of the audience members.” Anyone interested in learning how to cope with the noise of their own mind or to work through personal issues of procrastination, self-neglect, or other self-sabotaging behaviors will gain from the experience. If you would be interested in having Sunny Massad speak to your community, call 1-800-501-3179

A downloadable press kit and sample chapter of the book is available at www.untherapy.com/press

To interview Sunny Massad about UnTherapy, call her at the Hawaii Wellness Institute in Honolulu at 800-501-3179.