‘The Smartest Brains in Business: 2010 and beyond!’- eBook Released Today by Smarta

To mark the entry of not just a new year, but a new decade, Smarta asked 30 of the smartest brains in business how they think the entrepreneurial landscape will evolve over the next 10 years.

Online PR News – 22-January-2010 – – Today Smarta released their first and free ebook that details the predictions of evolutionary movements in business over the next year and beyond. With an array of well known entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, journalists and Dragons contributing, this is a collection of thought leaders forecasting their thoughts for the future.

A few highlights include;

* "The successful companies of this decade will have personality" - Paul Carr, author and journalist

* "The last great marketing differentiator is business ethics" - Ben Keene, social entrepreneur

* "We’re entering a land-grab of expertise" - Doug Richard, entrepreneur, investor and former Dragon

* "It’s becoming harder to come up with new ideas" - Sarah Beeny, entrepreneur and television presenter

Smarta found that ‘The successful companies of the future will be smaller, more agile, ultra-responsive to consumer trends and their own eco systems, ethical, socially responsible, environmentally-conscious and sustainable; feeding off transparency and trust, they’ll be pioneers or 24/7/365 customer service. They’ll be started and run by anyone, anywhere, of any age, and rely on micro seed funding rather than the hard-to-access cash of large institutions.’

‘If you thought everyone was getting excited about ‘apps’ because it’s cool to check the Tube on your iPhone, think again - apps are on everyone’s lips and those lips are moist with anticipation of a decade ready-made for entrepreneurs.’

Just some of the top names to feature in this 36 page book include:
Craig Newmark (Craigslist founder), Doug Richard (School for Startups), Caprice (model and founder), Sarah Beeny (MySingleFriend.com) and a lot more.

‘Whether you’re a musician, artist, author, want to do video, travel, or you have a passion for making violins, it’s going to become ‘nearly’ free to express that passion in a profitable form - you’ll no longer have to be passionate about what you do, you can solely ‘do’ what you’re passionate about; and that is a reversal of history.’ - Doug Richard.

‘Customer service, done in good faith and no lip service, will provide a competitive advantage for any company’ - Craig Newmark. (Craigslist founder)

Smarta.com the small business advice website launched by Sháá Wasmund has made this business ebook available for free on their website, to download the book, visit:

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