Carlyle Finance Primed to Help Dealers Grow F & I in 2010

2009 was a good year for Carlyle Finance. Access to funds, a team of enthusiastic motor finance professionals and an energetic and innovative approach helped the business grow by over 60% in the year.

Online PR News – 22-January-2010 – – Llanishen, Cardiff ( Onlineprnews ) January 22nd 2010 -2009 was a good year for Carlyle Finance. Access to funds, a team of enthusiastic motor finance ( professionals and an energetic and innovative approach helped the business grow by over 60% in the year. Into 2010 the business plans further growth by supporting dealers keen to make the most of F & I.

Head of Sales & Marketing Karl Werner reflects "There are three types of people — those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what the heck happened. We've been through some trying times over the last two years and a lot of us wonder what the heck happened, but now is the time to make things happen and at Carlyle we aim to be in the vanguard of Motor Finance, helping dealers, by being imaginative and proactive.

We aim to be the 'Go to Guys' when it comes to motor finance ( and we plan to do this by being the most supportive and imaginative finance company in the business. Finance is an opportunity for every dealer, no question; but we have to be more imaginative in helping more dealers to really value finance as a business tool. It's not about nagging; it is all about listening and helping. In 2010 there is little question that dealer profitability will remain under pressure, motor finance can help.”

Although it's hard to get a clear reading on the degree of the recovery, most economists agree that 2010 will be a year of recovery and the UK is expected to come out of recession in the months ahead. Whilst the increase in VAT from January and ending of the scrappage scheme in February will both inevitably impact short term sales activity, the industry needs to be imaginative in creating new promotional programmes that can help to sustain sales activity as consumer confidence returns. Car finance deals should be an option for dealers of all sizes to consider as part of their marketing mix.

Research in the last quarter of 2009 showed that for would-be car buyers 0% finance was the No. 1 motivator when it came to choosing a car and dealer. Whilst not all dealers can offer 0% finance all the time, the very fact that customers are open to motor finance through dealers is a key reference to the way ahead for 2010. The reality is that most customers do need to finance a car purchase, whether that is for new or used cars and the showroom can be the most natural place to get both great loan advice and great finance deals. All dealers can offer car finance deals as an integral part of their showroom and web approach and if they need help creating offers, Carlyle Finance are geared up to help.

A key new tool that Carlyle Finance is rolling out across the country is, a truly ground breaking innovation designed to really help dealers promote finance in the showroom and on the web. More information can be found at The online application allows consumers to get high quality loan advice, running through loan/financing product types and enabling them to make an informed choice about how best to finance a car.

Into 2010 Carlyle Finance are absolutely committed to helping dealers to help their customers to buy the car of their choice and motor finance can be a part of this equation, especially with other forms of lending in short supply.

In highlighting the opportunity of dealer finance Karl, in the personal loan/direct lender market, sees a tightening of underwriting and potentially high loan rates as a major hurdle for some consumers looking to change car, noting “There can be little doubt that direct and High Street lenders have reined back their unsecured personal lending activity considerably and we see this in our monthly review of the published lending rates available in the market that we make available to any dealer who asks for them. Into 2010 dealer finance used imaginatively can help create car sales and add much needed bottom line profit as well. The key to this success will be confidently, professionally and fairly offering good car finance deals and quality loan advice to each and every customer And if dealers are looking for help and support that goes far beyond simple words then contact Carlyle Finance; we really do want to be seen as the Go to Guys when it comes to motor finance”

Editorial Notes
Carlyle Finance Background

Carlyle Finance (, which has been operating for over 30 years is part of WesBank, South Africa's largest financer of cars, itself part of FirstRand Bank Limited.

Carlyle Finance provides a full portfolio of finance products and services including car stocking facilities, relying exclusively upon motor retailers for its sales.

WesBank's main objective is to dominate in whichever market it enters and therefore require people who have the potential, skills, and ability to achieve the organisation's goal. WesBank's mission statement and shared values gives a good insight to its culture.

Mission Statement

WesBank is to be the acknowledged leaders in instalment credit in terms of Customer Service, Profitability and Size.

Shared Values

Underlying the success of WesBank are four shared values that have service standards to each value.

We believe the customer comes first

We believe in our people as individuals

We believe in quality in all that we do

We believe in profitable growth

Carlyle Finance, Ground Floor, Lambourne House, Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff Business Park, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5GL. Carlyle Finance is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited (London Branch), a branch of FirstRand Bank Limited.

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