Discount Favors To Introduce The New Collection Of Eco-Friendly Promotional Sports Bottles

Promotional Sports Bottles are very effective in brand promotion in many ways. With the wise use of the eco-friendly materials to manufacture the custom Sports Bottles, you can take your business promotion to the next level, according to the professional promotional product manufacturers of Discount Favors.

Online PR News – 04-June-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) Jun 04, 2009 - “The custom Sports Bottles will not pop a hole in your wallet and make your marketing campaign costly. These custom Sports Bottles are very cheap and indeed very effective too. The cheap pricing of the custom Sports Bottles make them one of the cost effective promotional products available in the market. When it comes to the customization of the promotional Sports Bottles (, the options are really unlimited. The size, shape, and even the materials out of which the Sports Bottles are made can be customized according to your preference. You will be aware that DiscountFavors is well known worldwide for the easiness in customizing the promotional products. Things aren’t different in the case of the custom Sports Bottles” says Mr. Carl of Discount Favors.

When asked about the specialty of the custom Sports Bottles available at Discount Favors, Mr. Carl said, “Not any of the promotional products available with us will be the same as the ones commonly available in the market. In the case of the promotional Sports Bottles, the materials used to manufacture them are the specialty. Unlike the common promotional Sports Bottles ( available in the market, we make use of only 100% recycled materials to manufacture them. The finished products are 100% recyclable too. Promoting your brand with the help of these eco-friendly Sports Bottles will help you to build great credibility to your brand. Most of the promotional Sports Bottles available with us are made of recycle aluminum, stainless steel and 100% recyclable plastic. We know the fact that it is our duty to protect the planet we live in or else, the existence of humans on Earth will be history for years to come.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “Remember the fact that people will be carrying the Sports Bottles wherever they go. Hence, getting your logo and promotional message printed on them will announce your brand to the crowd out there. You should make sure that the custom water bottle of your choice will be easy to carry along so that your clients will be happy to have it with them all the time.”

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