Brain League launches IP Blogs.

Brain League has launched an IP Blog with an idea of providing an interactive blogging space showcasing the diversity of the approaches towards IP.

Online PR News – 22-January-2010 – – What started as an endeavour towards creating awareness about IP has metamorphosed into a platform for IP professionals, academicians and policy makers for discussions, debates that serve as guidelines on emerging IP issues, thereby contributing to an innovative space for IP discourse.
Going through the blog one experiences the sheer magnitude of IP awareness coverage and it clearly showcases the work of experts in the field. Blog provides information on various aspects of IP including patents, trademarks, and copyrights and so on. It delves into advanced and contentious issues and spurs discussions on emerging issues
Issues ranging from Claim construction to Open Source Software make the blog a key component of any serious knowledge pool on IP.
By including data related to a wide spectrum of IP Statistics in the blogs, it keeps the curious layman and the seasoned experts updated with the number of grants and registrations.
To provide illumination on a lot of key issues, it has also incorporated considerable number of PPTs by experts on various issues related to IP.
It also has an IP poll segment where the verdict of the general public is published with regard to any IP related event every month
The blog routinely carries articles on some unique and unprecedented cases in the IP arena.
Talking about the blog Mr. Katik Puttaiah, Senior Patent Analyst at Brain League said “Our blog has been successfully providing insight on various aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) in a comprehensive manner. Experts from each aspect of IP are blogging on topics relating to their specialization, resulting in posts with superior content. It is steadily transforming into a repository of information that will surely benefit industry personnel and academicians”.
Brain League will continue to feature blogs that would promote debate, challenging established perceptions, broadcasting IP news and analysis and continue to shed light on path ahead of IP.
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