Sarasota Marketing Completes Real Estate “Killer App”

Sarasota Marketing Consultants completes its Real Estate Marketing platform for local agents and brokers.

Online PR News – 22-January-2010 – – Sarasota Marketing Consultants completed their customized Sarasota real estate marketing platform this week, the platform will provide enhanced Internet marketing capabilities that currently do not exist in the Sarasota area for local brokers and agents.

The application will allow up to 400 agents to share a broker database that contains the latest MLS listings as well as the capability for agents to enhance their MLS listings within the network.

Agents will be able to use their current domain names and retain any links to their site and their new websites on the network will be driven by a customized version of the latest Wordpress blog platform and share the IDX contained within the host database.

“By using a CMS system agents will be able to update their website without knowing how to write HTML. Wordpress is the #1 blog platform and many agents are already familiar with it. Now agents can make updates to their websites without paying a web developer” says Roy Hunter, Owner of SMC.

He goes on to comment about the SEO capabilities contained within the custom Wordpress application: “SEO has always been a concern for most agents; they want to be seen in search results. The Wordpress app we provide will have the on-site SEO done for you. All the agent needs to do is write the occasional blog. It does not need to be a big article, just blog about new listings, recent closings, open houses, anything to keep the content fresh and new and you will climb the ladder of the search result pages quickly”.

“The latest update of the Google search engine has devalued 2 way linking and has added extra value to new content so agent can concentrate on making a few blog posts a month rather than try to exchange links with other agents”, he adds.

Now is the time real estate agents need the best and most current internet marketing applications available. The days of being found with standard websites are gone. Web 2.0 applications will allow the agents that use these new technologies to be found on the first pages of real estate search terms and do it without paying a SEO or web developer a lot of money in the process. A range Wordpress templates and add-on's are currently being developed to offer agents a broad range of designs and functionality that are plug-and-play.

A host site has been created for agents whose broker does not adopt the new platform for their office. All Sarasota and Manatee agents will have access to the new platform but the agents that are associated with a participating broker-office will be able to offer enhanced listings and seller information within the company network. Brokers will be able to benefit by offering more information to buyers than what the current IDX feed offers. This availability of more information will make a participating broker and their agents website more desirable for buyers to use and that will result in increased sales and lead conversions. Sellers will want to list with the broker/agent that will offer the best marketing opportunities for their property.

An agent website is currently sitting on the new host application and an IDX containing all available A and M records provided by MAR and SAR is available to use and search for Sarasota homes for sale. Brokers that are interested in seeing “under the hood” should contact SMC via their real estate website located at Agents interested in more information can also contact the company via the same link.

Sarasota Marketing Consultants will be looking to offer the broker solution to only one broker in the Sarasota and Manatee area so they may provide the best service to the broker possible without competing with their own application. Roy Hunter states: “We have something really special here that is a great fit for the right office. We are going to be pretty selective who it is offered to because we are confident it will make a big difference to their bottom line and our reputation as an Internet marketing solutions provider. We do not want to compete with our own product, we want to help our selected broker become #1 in Sarasota and Manatee county in sales.”

A Port Charlotte real estate website hosting the application can be found at

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