Dr. Talley Launches Revolutionary Weight-loss Program at Talley Chiropractic

Dr. Talley a chiropractor, located at 3100 Maryville Rd., Granite City, IL announces the opening of a new revolutionary weight loss center in his office.

Online PR News – 21-January-2010 – – (Granite City, IL) –Dr. Talley a chiropractor, located at 3100 Maryville Rd., announces the opening of a new revolutionary weight loss center in his office. Dr. Talley has been helping patients achieve optimum health and beauty for over 9 years. Combining knowledge and skill that span the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum, the team at Dr. Talley’s office is dedicated to helping patients achieve their wellness objectives. “The weight-loss center is a natural extension of what we already offer –overall wellness to feel good,” explains Dr. Talley. “So many people simply just don’t know how to lose weight. This program offers a simple, effective plan for weight-loss success.”

DOCTORS WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION is a national program created by doctors for fast and easy weight loss. The program is comprised of numerous components, including twelve customized programs individually tailored to specific health, history, lifestyle, and finances; delicious meal replacements, shakes, drinks, puddings, soups and snack bars; weekly doctor visits to help with the speed and ease of weight loss, and weekly support classes for lifestyle changes. “According to weight-loss experts, research has shown that three-times more weight is lost with a fun and informative support group as compared to trying to lose weight on your own, especially in today’s trying economic times,” explains Dr. Talley.

According to a recent report on ABC.com, “It’s no secret fatty food is cheaper than food that is healthy for you. When you’re in a hurry, where do you head? Straight for the dollar menu at your local fast food restaurant, not to the grocery store to pick up vegetables. It’s also no secret that stress and anxiety can cause overeating, and eating comfort foods.” A current report out of Texas A&M University furthers that the current economic environment is really wreaking havoc with weight gain. “Chronic stress can lead to serious problems like depression, weight gain and high blood pressure. People need to realize that no matter how much they worry, there are just some things – like the stock market- that are outside our control,” continues the report. Programs such as Weight-Loss Solution offered now at Talley Chiropractic ensure that you can stay on track during stressful times.

“In our day-to-day practice, we have found that many of our patients have questions about losing weight. They are understandably concerned, as are we, with the stress of extra weight on backs, legs and all of our joints. For every 10 lbs. of weight that is lost, a large amount of stress is removed from our joints.”