Pasadena Social Entrepreneurs Launch Healthy Vending Business to Tackle LA County Obesity Crisis

Long-time Pasadena residents and social entrepreneurs, David Grant and Steven Sanchez, have partnered with HUMAN Healthy Vending to ensure that their local scho

Online PR News – 21-November-2011 – Los Angeles, CA – Local Pasadena residents Steven Sanchez and David Grant are on a mission to make healthful foods easily accessible throughout their community in partnership with HUMAN Healthy Vending – a company that distributes the only socially conscious vending machines to educate the consumer at the point of sale. Sanchez and Grant’s social business venture couldn’t come at a more imperative time. More than half of LA County is considered overweight and obese and many LA County residents live in food deserts – areas without convenient access to healthful foods. Fortunately, LA County and the City of Pasadena itself are taking proactive measures to mitigate environmental factors that play a role in unhealthful behaviors, such as the prominence of junk-food vending machines. For instance, the City of Pasadena passed a healthy vending initiative last month becoming the largest city in LA to pass such a policy and making the city mission-aligned with Sanchez and Grant to tackle obesity.

Unlike antiquated vending machines that have long been complicit in encouraging unhealthful eating habits, HUMAN’s vending machines are the first full-service vending solution offering healthful snacks, drinks and entire meals along with health education streamed digitally via HD LCD screens attached to the machines. The LCD screens can educate consumers on the products in the machine as well as give general nutrition advice, such as how to read a nutrition label. Sanchez and Grant’s partnership with HUMAN Healthy Vending ensures that residents in their community have access to foods and drinks that meet a high caliber of nutrition standards, including the school-based standards delineated by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Locations that currently feature operational HUMAN machines include the LA Music Academy, Ramona Convent Secondary School (Alhambra) and Petrol Advertising (Burbank). HUMAN machines will be operational at the Pasadena Health Department later this month.

Both Sanchez and Grant have been Pasadena-area residents for over twenty years and feel a vested interest in seeing their community thrive. “I think that everyone should have access to healthy food. Just because you're at work or at school and strapped for time, you shouldn't have to settle for food that isn't nutritious or satisfying,” said Grant. “The HUMAN vending machine gives busy people that access and I am looking forward to bringing them into my community.”

Creative agencies, such as Petrol Advertising, are interested in providing their employees with food options that are not only healthful but also innovative. In addition to its LCD screens, HUMAN's state of the art machine technology includes credit card readers, infrared sensors that detect and relay when a product's supply is low, LED lighting and a conveyor belt system rather than old-school coils, which improves machine capacity and versatility.

“Everything about the HUMAN healthy vending concept is right. From the ultra-modern, energy efficient machines to the mission of bringing healthy food choices within arms reach of busy workers and students is perfect for our time,” said Sanchez. “By bringing HUMAN machines into my community I feel that I am making it easier for others like myself to make those good choices.”

Sanchez and Grant will be holding sampling events in the coming weeks. If you are interested in attending, or in seeing a HUMAN Healthy Vending machine in operation, please contact Annabel at the contact information listed above.

If you are interested in learning more about HUMAN or in bringing healthy vending to your location at no cost to you, please visit our website.

Why is “healthful-food-vending” so important?

• The City of Pasadena passed the Healthy Vending Initiative on October 3rd of this year to eliminate regular and diet sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks from all vending machines on city property (via the City of Pasadena website)
• Over half of Los Angeles County is overweight or obese; 14% of high school students in LA County were obese in 2010 (via LA County Health Survey)
• 86% of US workers are overweight, obese or suffering from a chronic health condition (Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 2011)
• More than 23 million Americans, including 6.5 million children, live in low-income urban and rural neighborhoods that are more than one mile from the nearest supermarket (via Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” website)
• Childhood obesity rates have tripled since 1980 (via “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2011,” a report from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
• One third of all children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives. Many others will face chronic obesity-related health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma (via Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” website)

About HUMAN Healthy Vending

It is the goal of HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition) to make universal access to healthy food and health education a reality. HUMAN distributes hi-tech and eco-friendly vending machines that sell 100% healthy foods and drinks. In addition to providing healthy food options, the machines provide health education via high-definition LCD screens that display streaming videos and other content. By making healthy products and healthy-living information accessible in schools, hospitals, gyms, community centers and additional public spaces, HUMAN empowers people to make healthy choices.

HUMAN is proud to donate 10% of its proceeds to charitable causes that fight childhood obesity and malnutrition. To learn more, go to our website.