Consumers Vote on AT&T vs Verizon 3G Network Wars

In the television commercial wars for who has the best 3G network in the multi-billion dollar industry, TopSavings.Net believes they have a consumer solution. Another wireless carrier however may just squeeze one of the top contenders (AT&T and Verizon Wireless) out of second place into third.

Online PR News – 21-January-2010 – – With the commercial wars starting in 2009 between the two most powerful telecommunication providers in the Nation, AT&T and Verizon has yet to come across any cease fire agreement and it is doubtful there will be with billions of dollars at stake in the highly lucrative wireless services industry. So are there any negative effects to this war, or is it all fun and games?

Casualties of War

For the most part, the television commercials are amusing and humorous to those observing the combat. The horrors of this war you would guess would primarily be felt by executives that reside within the telecommunication providers and their shareholders. One site owner however feels that this war over the best 3G network, and now over price, is actually hurting more than just company executives and shareholders, he feels that consumers are being injured in the crossfire as well and has vowed to end the senseless accumulation of collateral damage.

“I feel that while these commercials may seem as fun for the most part, consumers are bound to begin to get mixed signals and ultimately confused as to what services and carrier they should actually go with. I feel this creates a less than friendly shopping experience for the everyday consumer and can cause much unneeded stress from misinformed purchase decision making”, says Aaron Siegel of TopSavings.Net, an online telecommunications broker.

The Alternative to War

To help solve what Siegel claims is a causality causing commercial war, he had to look no further than the popular social site Squidoo in his attempt to help save confused wireless consumers. Siegel created a lens (think blog page) dedicated helping better find the best 3G network. It is in creating this lens that he hopes those unsure of commercial claims can gain better insight into which of the wireless 3G networks is the Nation's best. The lens allows visitors to vote on the best 3G network based on their personal experience or view consumer voting results opposed to a provider's commercial based on it's financially motivated claims.

Surprising Poll Results

According to the voter controlled poll results the 18th of this January, AT&T took the lead as the best 3G network with an outstanding 73.3% of voter support. Surprisingly though, second place was not taken by Verizon Wireless but rather a contender currently not even participating in the commercial wars, Sprint. 20% of voters in the poll voted Sprint opposed to only 6.7% showing support for Verizon Wireless.

While the voting process is still only preliminary and the poll only open for a few days so far, this lack of support for Verizon can be a shocker to some. Siegel says he plans to keep the poll open indefinitely so these results can easily change over any given day.

To chime in your vote or view changing daily results in the 3G network wars you can visit and click on the 3G network voting banner from their main page to get to the voting site.